There are a multitude of ways that your body, mind and spirit can heal.

Here are a few of our offerings...

Vibrational and Energetic Modalities

Bio-Computer Operating System (B.O.S.)

We are all made of sound. For every system that our body is made up of, everything holds a frequency. So, when a person is suffering with symptoms that can’t be explained, B.O.S. is the modality Adele and Sara use. They test the body Kinetically via the vascular system and then are able to determine what is out of balance. These sessions can be offered in person at our Ottawa location, virtually or as remote sessions.

Healing Touch - Tactile Touch - Integrative Energy Therapy (TM)

While all the above modalities have a similar vein, they each offer their own nuances to healing. In these "hands on" sessions, the practitioner will use their hands on different parts of their client's body to "listen" to what the body needs and direct Universal or Angelic energy to encourage healing to occur. (offered by Adele, Sara and Jenn)

Chakra Cleansing and Crystal Healing

Both these modalities are highly linked and involve working through the energetic bodies to clear unwanted energies, or remove blocks.

(offered by Adele, Sara and Jenn)

Physical and Body Work Therapies

Due to their physical nature, these sessions can only be offered IN PERSON at our Ottawa Centre location.

Advanced Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral therapy

We are 70-85% water or fluid, and your fluid body holds all the memories of what has happened to you over the course of your existence.

It is our job to determine the information held in the field, and address it by helping your body make shifts and heal.

Advanced Visceral Manipulation

All organs hold emotions. When there is an over-abundance of a particular emotion going in to an organ, the organ will become immobile therefore affecting other organs, or the spine. This can cause pain or discomfort.

The practitioner uses hands on techniques to release the organ and help alleviate pain.

Life, Mindset and Spiritual Coaching

Unsure of your path?

Looking for objective guidance?

Feeling STUCK?

With a highly intuitive guide, like our practitioners, coaching takes on a whole new level!

These sessions can be done in person at our Ottawa, ON location or booked virtually anywhere in the world.

(Offered by Adele and Jennifer)

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