Adele Stratton

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Adele works with men and women looking to heal all on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She shares her vast experience, knowledge and healing gifts to help get to the root cause of their pain quickly.

"It's always a blast to have her on the show."

Adele has a profound knowledge base of the body and mind, and her engaging sense of humour, vibrant personality and ability to make the complicated uncomplicated makes her a staple to the program. She's discussed everything from relationships, health & spirituality all the way to biohacking, supplements and energy work.

- Elisa Kurylowicz, Elisa Unfiltered:Living Life Out Loud

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Podcast Interviews • Stage Speaking • Workshops and Retreats

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35 years experience in the healing space.

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"Adele is funny and knowledgeable with magnetic energy. "

I've been looking forward to hosting Adele on my Healing Conversations for Anything Chronic podcast, and when the day finally arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement. I've always loved Adele's content on Social Media and I knew my audience would love her too.

The conversation was everything I had hoped. Adele is funny and knowledgeable with magnetic energy. She has fascinating stories which she shares effortlessly and captivatinglyI loved having Adele as a guest and am waiting a little before I can invite her again!

- Einav Avni, Healing Conversations for Anything Chronic

Meet Adele

Adele Stratton is an Integrated Manual Therapist and leader in the field of healing based in Ottawa, Canada. When Adele was in her early twenties, her search for answers to on-going health issues led her to a transformative awakening.

Adele's personal experiences have taught her the importance of understanding the physical and energetic state of the body in order to heal and live a fulfilled life.

She has studied extensively with pioneers in new physical and spiritual modalities, including Pierre Barrel, John Upledger, Frank Lowen and Alixsandra Parness. Her life is one of never ending learning and study. She brings everything she has been taught and experienced to her work with clients.

Through her PHENOMENON mentorship program, Adele guides those seeking to heal deeply and understand the Law of Reflection. She advocates for trusting in the intelligence of the heart and not taking anything personally.

As the owner of Phoenix Rising Healing Centre, Adele offers a diversity of treatments suitable for clients seeking fundamental healing, including Quantum Healing, Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy, and Spiritual Coaching. Her greatest accomplishment has been healing herself from a near-death experience, and she now dedicates her life to supporting the healing of clients across the globe.

Adele’s success as an entrepreneur and her worldwide network of clients is a result of her unique perspective and dedication to her craft.

INSTAGRAM: @phoenixrisinghc • FACEBOOK: Phoenix Rising Healing Centre

YOUTUBE: @Phoenixrisinghealingcentre • LINKEDIN: Adele Stratton • TIKTOK: @phoenix_rising_hc

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Healing the Body


The Spiritual Journey


Living Life On Your Terms

Sample Speaking Topics

Pain is Resistence (Signature Talk)



I am the Medicine

The Law of Reflection

Health and the importance of knowing how your body works

Living A Heart Led Life

Sacred Geometry in Practice

Aging and Life After 50

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"Adell brings incredible enthusiasm and depth of knowledge to any discussion about her field of expertise."

When Adell accepted the invitation to be a guest on my podcast, Finding Fifty, I just knew it would be an awesome experience—both for me, as the host, as well as our listeners.


Adell brings incredible enthusiasm and depth of knowledge to any discussion about her field of expertise. Her passion for her work as an Integrated Manual Therapist and owner of Phoenix Rising Healing Centre was immediately evident and I was fascinated by her stories and experiences. She is a truly enlightened soul.

My podcast is dedicated to those amazing, powerful women who empower and inspire others around them. Women who have discovered their passions and followed them. Adell exemplifies all of these qualities and it was an absolute joy to share her with our listeners.

- Carolyn Hawes, Finding Fifty Podcast

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