Healing Mentorship Program

Ignite your intuition. Connect with your power. Heal yourself.

Are you on a personal journey to deeply heal physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues?

Does it feel like you are on the edge of expansion but are unsure how to step into your full potential?

Are you looking for an experienced guide to help you discover and refine your own intuitive healing gifts?

The Mentorship Program is coming in September 2023.


​The Healing Mentorship Program will:

  • Give you a deeper understanding of your issues from a mind-body-spirit perspective

  • Equip you with the tools and knowledge to heal yourself and others

  • Amplify your intuitive abilities

  • ​Help you navigate life by connecting strongly to your inner wisdom and Spirit Guides

  • Empower you create a life filled with love, prosperity and happiness in a world in transition


  • Foundations: Advanced Grounding and Discernment

  • The Chakras & Magnetic Healing

  • Reading & Healing the Aura

  • The Healer's Frequency Toolbox

  • Exploring the Shadow, Higher Self, Inner Child, and Spirit Guides

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