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Do you ever wish you had a grounded, connected and aligned person who could tap in and give you some direction? Help you uncover the root of what the problem is? Adele is that person!

As a new service for her clients, Adele is launching a “Text to Tap” program.

If you have a question about what ails you or need some direction to help you with a major decision, you can text Adele and she will call in your higher self to shed some light on the situation.

*This is not a full remote session — which you can request afterward — but a check in to see what the situation is and what is in your highest good.

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  • $25 per tap in ($10 of this cost will be rolled into any remote sessions booked as a result)
  • Availability Tuesdays through Fridays, stat holidays not included
  • 24 hour response window (Fridays not included)

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  • $45 for up to 3 texts a month ($10 of any tap will roll into a remote session if booked)
  • Minimum of 3-month per package, paid in advance
  • Availability Tuesdays through Fridays, stat holidays not included
  • 24 hour response window (Fridays not included)

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  • $50 per tap ($25 of this cost will roll into a session if booked)
  • Evening, weekends, based on availability

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This service is only offered to current clients of Phoenix Rising Healing Centre. Call or e-mail Adele with questions or to book your first package!