“When you are ready for a life changing transformation, go and see Adele.
Watch everything you have been working towards start to roll in (or out) and come to fruition at the speed of light! If you feel stuck, and are unsure where to even begin, she is your woman. A whole other level of assisted healing takes place at Phoenix Rising Healing Centre! My go to for everything from severe back pain, emotional crisis, to insomnia.
Thank you Adele, you have been a rock for me during some of the most difficult of times.”
Kris Lynn

“A number of years ago I went for every test imaginable for a persistent pain under my rib cage on the right side of my body – a pain not eased by medications. A friend suggested I see Adele and after 10 treatments the pain was gone and has never returned. Apparently one of my kidneys was pushing into my liver causing the pain and through visceral therapy, Adele was able to move my kidney back to where it belonged.”
Elizabeth H.

“Once in a rare while you meet one of those unique souls that just by being in near proximity to them, your entire day, and life, seems to get a whole lot brighter. Adele Stratton is one of those souls.
I was drawn to Adele’s incredible work about three years ago while undergoing a huge personal transformation sweeping across all aspects of my life. In the process of recovering from major, emergency abdominal surgery (with some pretty bizarre side effects!), I unfortunately had to say goodbye to one of the greatest loves of my life, my beloved Jack Russell terrier, my baby. At the same time, I was planning to move to a new home and was also moving toward a new career path. Phew! It was a LOT to handle all at once, needless to say! Plus, like many women, I’d struggled all my life with issues revolving around self-love, self-worth and self-esteem, and that often translated into feelings of deep despair and hopelessness — despite having achieved considerable outward success. Deep, deep at my core, I really wanted to create inner change so I could manifest a truly joyful and spectacular life.
Luckily I didn’t have to go through this alone. I asked and prayed for Powerful, Miraculous Help. “Send in the Big Guns!” Boy, were my prayers answered LARGE! I’ve seen scores of alternative and natural practitioners over the years, but Adele’s knowledge, experience, skill, kindness, compassion and deep understanding of both the physical body and the spiritual realms are truly one-of-a-kind. Gosh, her smile and laughter alone can cause your body’s cells to sing! (Cause for CELLabration?)
How do you even begin to thank someone who’s probably saved your life? I guess I can only try: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Adele, from the bottom, top and middle of my healthy, happy heart!


“I was fooling around with a heavy weight and damaged a nerve connection in my shoulder resulting in loss of feeling in half my hand. I suffered with this numbness and tingling for almost a year. In two treatments Adele was able to shift something in my shoulder and I regained all feeling in my hand. If you’re hurting physically, mentally or spiritually and have found no relief in conventional treatments, Adele is a gifted healer.”
Krysia K.

“I have known Adele for more than 20 years. Her healing skills have continuously evolved and expanded during that time. While I lived in Ottawa Adele helped me many, many times as I learned to manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Now that I am living in the US, Adele is still able to help me long distance.”
Louise K.