Accept What Is and Get On With It!

This was the message I got from spirit a few years ago. I had been stressing over my backed up lymphatic system and how uncomfortable I felt in my body. I wasn’t sleeping and would wake up with so much pain. I could hardly move. It took all my will power to get up and go for a walk as I wasn’t going to let this get the better of me. However, it already had, as it was always on my mind in one way or another.

Just to give you a little history, I had ruptured my thoracic duct, the largest lymph node in the body in the year 2003. After 2 years of swelling up and losing my ability to even walk my stairs, drowning in my own body fluid, I was able to heal myself through constant awareness and meditation. After I healed myself, I thought my body would naturally heal, too. However, in my world of “not fast enough” I began to loose faith and started thinking about it all the time. I would fast for 10-30 days, and even though it helped significantly, eventually the swelling would come back. So, I became frustrated and impatient.

It was when I was going through one of these distracted times that I began to feel a presence around me. I felt that someone was trying to give me a message. Soon, I received a call from a friend who said that she was going to a monastery for a retreat and would I like to come? She said, if you don’t book months in advance, there was never any room. However, she called at the last minute and they had a room. Just “by chance” she asked if they had 2 rooms, and sure enough they did!

As we drove up to this beautiful Monastery on that fall day, I could feel something inside me. An anticipation if you will. My friend told me that as soon as we arrived and I stepped foot on the ground, she saw me shift. She said I changed right before her eyes, and it was a spiritual presence that she felt. I shared with her that I felt a strong message was coming. The first night was beautiful, the colours, the cathedral, the silence at dinner. It was all very soothing. That night we went to bed in our separate rooms and I remember how peaceful and quiet it was.

The next morning we went for breakfast and then we decided to check things out. We walked the property until lunch. Then I told my friend I needed to be alone. So, I walked to find a path and through the path there were places where you could sit and meditate or pray. I took this all in and as I was coming close to the end, I sat on a wooden bench when suddenly I heard a Voice. The Voice said “Accept what is and get on with it.” Three times!

In other words, I have a condition caused by an injury and just to accept it. I was wasting time and energy being upset cause my physical body was not healing the way “I” wanted! I mean, if I had lost an arm or leg, would I spend my entire life trying to grow it back? NO. So, accept what is and get on with it. This didn’t mean I wouldn’t be taking care of myself, it just meant that I had HIGH expectations for my body and it wasn’t keeping up with what I thought it SHOULD do. So, I proceeded to accept. Every morning, no matter how the night was, I would wake up and repeat the words “Accept what is and get on with it.” I can share with you that after doing this for almost 2 months, it got worse before it got better!

I’ll never forget Christmas eve and Christmas day. I thought I was going to die I felt so sick. But my mantra stuck with me and I prevailed. It was the morning ofJanuary 4. I woke up pain free. It was gone. The next night and the next and the next. My energy came back and I felt like a whole new me.
What happened? I took my focus off what was wrong and focused on what was right!

So, if you find yourself in a similar place where your world seems to be crashing down on you, look to see where your focus is. You may be surprised to find your thoughts in the negative rather than the positive. I have followed this practice and it continues to bring me peace and and a healthier frame of mind.


Protect Yourself with Black Tourmaline

The holidays or any time families get together can be wonderful and nourishing to the soul! Unfortunately, sometimes this is not always the case. If you feel that when you go to family get togethers you need a little protection from negative energy that may be floating your way, try some black tourmaline! Not only is a strong grounding stone, it is also a powerful protector against those negative vibes! Have you every heard the term ‘Energy Vampire’? This is also a fantastic stone that will work better than garlic! Use black tourmaline to protect you from these energy suckers and keep you in a positive mood! If you need a stone to also encourage positive attitudes in any situation, make sure you’re packing this crystal.

The black tourmaline is found in several areas of the world and is also known as Schorl. There are several different hues of tourmaline and sometimes, a very dark blue can be mistaken for a black piece. It is the black, however, that is your best defense.

You can put black tourmaline in your bedroom, under your pillow, near your computer or anywhere else in the house. If you choose to wear the stone, it is better to wear it on the left side of your body due to the flow of energies in to the aura. Many people keep a piece of it in their pocket, but take care not to lose it!

If you are worried about the negative effects of electro-magnetic energy, black tourmaline will also work to clear that as well. This is why I recommend that you keep one near your computer and I recommend it in my healing practice when someone is affected by EMFs.

To cleanse black tourmaline, you can sage it or rinse it in fresh spring water with intention. Once it is cleansed, charge it in the sun. Generally, black tourmaline is a work-horse of a crystal and doesn’t need to be cleansed or charged too often. Keep your eyes open though and any time your tourmaline looks dull or calls to you, it’s time for a cleanse!

Enjoy the protection of this amazing stone!