Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

When we first start on the path of Spirituality, we are very vulnerable and have a tendency to trust everyone. We think because a person is speaking the lingo they must be very honest and trusting. After all, when we are searching or have been meditating, we must be a good person. However, what we don’t know is that although they may be teaching a certain healing modality or talking about meditation etc., that they still have an EGO, too. And it’s the EGO we must watch for.

I have had many experiences, where I have had to learn that just because they are on the path, does not mean that they have your best interest at heart. They may have “their” best interest at heart. I learnt this years ago when invited to attend an event with a Medium. I had heard about him and every time someone old me about him and what he did, I got an eerie feeling in my stomach. So, as it turned out he was invited to town and I was asked to go. I knew right away I wasn’t going to go as I trusted my gut. However, I always try to check in with Spirit, I asked if it was in my Highest Good to go. Spirit answered “Yes”. I was shocked!!! But why??? I’m sure this is not a good experience for me. But Spirit was persistent about me going and said I would find out WHY when I got there. I was going for a lesson.

After arriving, I was immediately instructed by Spirit to go sit and ground myself. After 15 or so mins. passed, the Medium walked past me to go to the room where the event was going to take place. I was shocked when I saw him because he was pallor and his stomach was so swollen. Right away I knew this was fraud.

We were called into the room and seated. They explained that all the light would be blocked and he was going to be tied to a chair. So, they proceeded to block all light and it was pitch dark. Within a few minutes a squeaky voice called out and announced itself as Lady Nada. The voice spoke for 15-20 mins and the rest of the room was totally engaged. Just before they turned the lights on I heard Spirit speak to me “Beware of Wolves dressed in Sheep’s clothing.” And there it was. What a sham. But you wouldn’t believe how all the healers in the room fell for it!!!!

After they turned the lights on this man barfed up a dozen or so American silver dollars and then called out numbers for people to receive them. My friend received one as most people did, thankfully EXCEPT me. As people were asking questions to this man, he glanced around the room and our eyes met. He spoke to me directly “you’re awfully quiet over there.” To which I replied ” Yes, I’m just observing.” He knew I knew.

After we left, I instructed my friend to bash the coin and throw it in the river. Which he did. It wasn’t after this..month or so that I heard the man had passed away.

So, before you get yourself into a situation, where you don’t really know who you’re getting yourself involved with, make sure you get your guidance from Spirit. The world is full of charlatans and they could be right under your nose. Feel into it. Listen intently to your gut and your Higher Self. Don’t believe everything you hear. And if it sounds too good to be true…then it’s probably a sham.

Unconditional Love and Mother Mary

I have been meditating for over 25 years now. My most intensive meditations have happened in the middle of the night. I have had many numerous experiences working with spirit guides and ascended masters. I have crossed the veil and seen things that I could never imagine. I have had directions from guides to clear away dark forces, heal people in the middle of the night and to hold space for others while they walk their path.

Being raised catholic, one of the benefits I gained through this was I developed a beautiful relationship with Mother Mary. She was and still is such a powerful force in my life. She would often appear to me and ask me why I continued to doubt myself? It was usually in cases where a person was very upset with me because I spoke the truth or I would hold my words back and not say anything at all. She would appear to me and say “Adele, when are you going to stop doubting yourself”?

However, this all changed when a friend of mine took me to see a healer that he was seeing and wanted me to come along. Why not? So, I went to this person’s house and she guided us up to the healing space. She began by ringing the singing bowls around our heads.

Then she took out an essence and sprayed it around us.

1: This is the essence of Grounding. To which I whispered to myself “I Am Grounded.”

2: This is the essence of the Archangels. To which I whispered to myself “I receive the Archangels”.

3: This is the essence of Mother Mary. To which I Tried to whisper ” I receive Mother Mary”, but before I could get the words out, she came through the wall behind me and came right into me!!!!!

She knocked me off my chair and my friend was stunned and the lady doing the healing started coughing so hard she had to leave the room. I was down on all fours and I said to her, ” It’s too strong, I can’t handle it!!” To which she replied, ” It isn’t too strong. If I thought you couldn’t handle it, this wouldn’t be happening. I wouldn’t be inside you now. So ground yourself and calm down.” I immediately started to do just that.

After I calmed down, my friend was looking like a deer in headlights and the healer was in awe of what just happened. Going home that night my friend and I talked about what had happened. He said he would so love to feel this experience, too. Asking me what I felt like, I answered that I was in total bliss. This lasted for weeks. When I spoke with Mother Mary and told her, “So this is what unconditional love feels like?” She responded,

” You have just tipped the iceberg.”

She is my greatest teacher and she has made me realize that this would never have happened if I wasn’t in a high enough vibration in order to receive and hold it. I am forever thankful for this experience and she continues to work with me daily. She has come through many mediums to tell me, “You are a Good person. Believe in your goodness. I am always with you.”

Thank you Mother Mary. I love youšŸ™

Time to BE the Meditation

I started meditating daily back in 1998. I took to it like a fish to water. Maybe because I also used to be an avid prayer. I would pray all the time, without fail, every day. So, meditation was my second nature. I would sometimes meditate morning and night. But after meditating for several months something happened to me…

I would be awakened in the middle of the night. It’s not like when you wake up because you have to go to the bathroom. It was this great presence that would flow into the room, it would wake me up with its power and I would hear “time to meditate.” So, I would sit up and get comfortable, light a candle and begin. I would ask Spirit,

“What sayeth you? ” Spirit would answer,

“Ground yourself.” I would proceed to ground myself until Spirit would tell me I was fully Grounded and then the journey would begin. I was taken away to different dimensions, met different masters and have all sorts of amazing experiences. They showed me the Light and the Dark. They taught me to levitate and cross over the veil. They also taught me how to raise my vibration and grow spiritually. I can’t even begin to tell all the stories but as I write these blogs, I can tell the stories a little at a time.

I had been meditating fervently for over one year. As I mentioned, Spirit would wake me every night and I would follow the instructions. But one morning I awoke at 7:30 am and realized that Spirit had not woke me up? I thought,

“This is unusual. Did they forget me last night?”. The next night I went to bed and again I slept right through the night. “Hey, what’s going on? Did I do something wrong?” The third night it happened again and now I was getting worried. On the fourth night I went to bed and in the middle of the night they came and woke me. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was. I said “It’s about time!” Anyways, I prepared myself to meditate and I asked, ” Spirit, what sayeth you?”

I heard, “Ask the question.”

To which I replied ” Ask the Question???? Weird. Okay, what’s the question?”

Spirit replied,”IS IT?” Now I thought this really strange cause I never heard Source ask a question starting with ‘IS IT?’

But I went ahead and asked “IS IT?” They then completed the sentence,

“Is it in my highest good to meditate.?” Alright now….this IS getting really strange. Okay…I’ll play along.

“Is it in my highest good to meditate?” And I heard loud and clear,

“No, It’s time to BE the Meditation.”

WOW!!!!!!!! Big shoes to fill. As a healer friend of mine said ” Glad it was you who got the message!” But as time went on I realized that Spirit wanted me to be the Observer. To watch my every thought and every move. After all, that’s what meditation is. To clear the mind. And so I began to BE the meditation and realized that they wanted me to be a conscienceĀ  co-creator. To be completely aware of everything that was happening in me and around me.

Today, I do teach a Manifestation meditation and Spirit is now teaching me to create the Sacred Geometry within. Once again this is raising my vibration and it is for a purpose. I don’t know what exactly Spirit has in store for me but I do know they keep telling me I am READY. So, Focus and Being mindful is a good practice and if you do these 2 things you will be a walking meditation.