When Are You Going to Take Responsibility?

It appears that no matter what, people are always looking for a way out. A way to blame circumstances or people for the way they feel. I have addressed this subject before, however, I feel with all the goings on in the world we ought to review it again.

How many times have you said to yourself that the full moon is coming and therefore won’t be able to sleep? How often do you hear of energies in the world or around the planet are changing and therefore will make you feel unhinged, tethered, short tempered and just plane ol’ grumpy?

Seriously…if we are all going to be so sensitive and vulnerable to everything that is happening around us, why bother? We’re just going to go around grumbling that the energies are changing and they’re having an effect on us and therefore we’re just a mess?! Oh…it’s the planet’s fault, oh its Mars’ fault, oh there is something funky in the air. Blah blah blah blah!

Come on folks….are you really going to allow this to have an effect on you? Have you no control over your own life? Are going to go around a slithering mess and blame the planets and the Universe for it? Remember, we attract that what is in us! So if you’re just a grumpy ol’ mess not wanting to deal with what’s really going on inside you, go ahead. Blame the planets. Blame the ENERGIES!!!! But if you were really who you say you are or believe yourself to Be, then none of this will have an effect on you!

A very wise shaman once told me that if I was off kilter, it was my responsibility. NOT the Universes or some energy that was swinging its way around. NO…..Yours! So I learned how to be Grounded. Practice, practice, practice!!!!! Everyday, every night. Day in day out. Cause if I really believed I am co-creator then nothing is going to touch me. And if it does it’s because I attracted it. Plain and simple!

So folks…it’s time. Take charge! No more allowing beliefs that other energies have control of your lives. Take your power back! Be your OWN co-creator! Ground yourself daily and make stuff happen. Excel and don’t allow others to control your spiritual journey. Unless of course you’re going the easy route. Or is it really easy? Not when you’re feeling like crap!

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