Spiritual Coaching

What is a Spiritual Coach? I assist people to see the Bigger picture. To truly Understand what’s really going on in their lives. If we are only seeing what’s right in front of us, then we will have a tendency to believe that it is REAL. When in fact, its not about reality but what you Create! Its about understanding the process of the thought and the feelings that go out to the Universe and then those vibrations coming right back to you in the form of an experience.

So, I help assist people to see what they are feeling and thinking so that they can indeed change how their lives will unfold.

If you read my Bio, you will get an idea as to how this works. Coming back from the death experience and healing myself from a life-threatening injury (in my upcoming book), I explain that it was ME that had created the situation. It was ME that had created resistance in my life. Therefore, it was ME that could heal myself.

When you fully get a grip on this and empower yourself, your life will make a complete turnaround.

Let the manifestation and Fun begin.


Sessions: $195/hr

6 Session Package:
$900 ($150 per session)
50% due on purchase
50% due after 3 sessions