The Art of Healing – Cayman Islands 2020

Have you ever thought you wanted to get into the Healing World, to be able to help and assist others on their healing journey?
Join Adele Stratton, I.M.T. and Energy Practitioner for over 30 years to learn all about
Location TBD.
1) The Chakras (Energy Centers)
Friday March 6, 7pm-9pm.
Saturday March 7 /Sunday, March 8, 9am-5pm.
15 min coffee breaks (snacks supplied) and 90 min. lunch (bring your own)
Learn how to recognize the 7 chakras in the body. What each chakra represents and how you can understand yourself and others at a deeper level.
Adele has put together all the essentials you will need in order to do exactly this.
2) Aura Class – How Energy Looks and Feels
**Prerequisite – The Chakras Course***
Friday March 20, 7pm-9pm.
Saturday March 21 /Sunday, March 22,  9am-5pm.
15 min coffee breaks (snacks supplied) and 90 min. lunch (bring your own)
In this module, you will learn how to be able to read a person’s Aura. How to be able to feel it and to recognize just by looking at someone what is going on in their bodies. All levels. Physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual.
Then you will learn how to use a pendulum to be able to determine which Chakras (energy centers) are open and closed.
Cost is $250/module
Register now and place a 50% deposit to hold your space.

Current Single Class Offerings

September 28th-29th, 2019
Cost: Early Bird: $545+HST until Sept 8th
$595 +HST
Having memory problems?
Difficulty in learning a new language?
Find your balance is off?
Then Brain Balance is the course for you!
When our brains are developing they are constantly taking in new information through our eyes and ears. If this information is at all negative in any way, such as, seeing and hearing screaming, fighting, breathing in toxic fumes, being physically, mentally, emotionally abused, or witnessing it, it will get compartmentalized in your brain negatively. Then as the person grows, the brain will tell the body through the central nervous system that something is wrong. Therefore, balance, walking etc will become an issue. On the other hand, learning math, language, reading music or even having clarity in the brain will be scrambled. It can also affect the spleen and the immune system.
So when it comes to Learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, OCD, Dyslexia etc. this is how I address it. I begin by resetting the brain and then going into specific protocols for Learning Disabilities.
Prerequisite for this class: Muscle testing. You will need to know how to muscle test in different ways other than the arm. Once you register, a video course will be sent to you .
Hope you can join me September 28/29 for the MIND-Blowing class
Email to secure your spot and process payment!

Mentorship Program

Are you ready to take your healing practice to the next level!

Ever think about being a healer? Would you like to extend your healing practice through a different avenue?

Adele’s mentorship program is for anyone who is interested in in deepening their healing practice or diving into the healing field.

How do you go about doing this?

Adele has broken down the 6 month intensive healing program into 6 modules so that it is more accessible to everyone. The person taking their first steps can take the course they need to get started as the much as the person who has already been in a healing practice can add on certain aspects to intensify their practice.

Here’s how:

Each course is designed to take at anytime. So you can mix them up and take whatever you feel is necessary for you and where you’re at. So, you’re interested in reading auras or reading the energetic body so you can evaluate clients before hands on. You can do that. Or you’d like to be able to learn Intuitive skills that help to delve deeper into knowing what’s really going on behind a painful body.

You’re a massage therapist but would like to be able to make bigger changes that hold in your clients bodies. Each course has been taught by Adele over the years of experience in the healing field and what she has discovered to be the most efficient and problem resolving way to achieve results. It’s whatever you are looking for in your practice. Adele has the answer for you.

Contact Adele today for more information.

The mentorship program has been broken down into 6 modules. The reason for this was to make it more accessible for everyone. Previously, the mentorship program was offered for those who had taken the Alchemist course with me. I am now offering this parts of the Alchemist along with the Mentorship to create a whole new way of learning how to heal the body while the participant can heal themselves included. I have tried to create modules, so that you can take them in any order according to interest.

Module #1: Intuitive reading



In this module, the student will learn how to ignite their intuition on all levels to better access information for themselves and from others. Learn to read the body from so many different sources, including the energy around the body that gives clues as to where  the imbalance of the physical right through to the emotional, spiritual body exists. Learn how to identify blockages in the body and subtle bodies!  So, anyone who already is in the healing field ie: massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic etc. can learn how to intensify their ability to read a body more efficiently. Thus better treatment. Imagine being able to see a problem BEFORE it walks in the door! This course opens so many doors for the practitioner.

I highly recommend taking this course first as it will make #2 and #4 so  much more fun!

Module #2: Every BODY needs space

Dates TBD

Cost: $500 +HST

In this module, the student will learn how to create more space in the body. We start by learning how to create space in the spinal cord and from there we progress into the major joints and neck. This is a very powerful way of opening up the body and giving instant relief to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain. Essential for anyone in the healing practice.

In order to secure your space, we require a $100 deposit by November 12th.

RESERVE NOW by e-mailing

Module #3: Personality Plus


Cost: $350+HST

In this module the student will learn all about the personalities. In other words, the Ego. This is a powerful Module as it teaches the student how to recognize their own habits and blocks which can stop them from becoming who they really are. Then as they work on other people, they can help identify other personalities. Their strengths and their weaknesses and how to heal them. The most powerful course a healer or potential healer can take is the one in which the healer has been healed. This makes the healer more powerful in so many ways.

Module #4: Diaphragmatic healing


Cost: $550 +HST

REGISTER BY FEBRUARY 1st with 50% down. (no refunds)

Learn how to further heal a body on a very deep level by learning how to listen. The body is very intelligent and can heal itself, provided that the person attending them knows how to listen to the body. Access how to find and feel the place of most resistance in the body and then allow the body to guide you to the place of healing. Learn how to use your most precious instruments “your hands” to pick up messages from the body.

Through this method I have been able to heal even the most intense acute back pain. I highly recommend this module.

Module #5: Muscle testing/Beginners and advanced vascular


Cost: $350+HST

Who doesn’t want to learn Muscle testing? This is a must for anyone!!! Imagine standing in the supermarket and looking at a food or supplement and wondering if you can eat a particular food or whether or not a supplement is good for you?  Or the strength of it or how much to take? Imagine having a client in your office and being able to ask your clients body a question and getting an answer to help you decide what or where the problem is!!!!! Such a powerful technique and one that I guarantee you will use on a daily basis. Both personally and professionally.

Module #6 The SNAP



There are so many ways to heal a body but having this tool is a MUST! Everything is energy. All your cells, molecules, D.N.A. is all energy and all carries a certain frequency. Learn how to tap into the body and gain access to the bodies intelligence. Finding what’s out of balance and being able to put it back into balance in a SNAP!

Imagine being able to eradicate the Flu? An allergy? On what level it affects you? Clearing Meridians. Balancing out your body or others so that you continue to stay in good health. Who wouldn’t want to learn this just so it would mean less trips to the DR.? Nowadays, we want to have more and more ways to heal our own bodies with the way our health system is going. Wouldn’t you agree???

Prerequisite: Muscle testing course