Healing Sessions

Advanced Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral therapy

In this therapy Adele approaches the body from a different perspective. As Adele is Clairvoyant and has much training in reading the body, she is able to See what and where the body is really creating the pain. So although you may come in with a sore neck, it may be in fact your liver that is crying for help. She addresses the liver and the neck pain goes away. Your back may be out but it could be your Prostate/Uterus that has twisted and is pulling on your lower Lumbar.

Adele has learnt patience over the years and allows the body to invite her in. This is when the real miracles happen. This therapy assists in healing Migraine headaches, concussions, whip lash and injuries.

Advanced Visceral Manipulation 

You would be surprised at the number of cases Adele has dealt with where the spine has gone out of alignment and it is almost always due to an organ that has twisted itself into a spasm — thus causing the spine to react. Adele loves doing this work as her clients are always amazed at the outcome.

Bio-Computer Operating System (B.O.S)

We are all made of sound. For every system that our body is made up of, everything holds a frequency. So, when a person is suffering with symptoms that can’t be explained, B.O.S. is the modality Adele uses. She tests the body Kinetically via the vascular system and then is able to determine what is out of balance. For example: Someone may be suffering from bloating and gut discomfort and Adele has been able to assist the person in what’s really going on and how to heal it.  Adele has helped to answer and heal so many different types of aliments on so many levels with her clients. It is just so gratifying.

Aura Reading 

Adele loves to help people when they just need some extra guidance in their lives. She sits with the client and as the client discusses their concerns or wants to understand their journey, she can read the Aura and call upon the Guides for this person and help to assist them to better navigate their lives to be Happier.


Adele has taken her Hypnosis training and is fully certified by the University of Toronto.

She has helped people to achieve states of relaxation and assisted them in overcoming some of their greatest fears.


Therapies Offered

Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral

Advanced Visceral Manipulation

Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction therapy

Zero balancing

Energetic and Spiritual healing through Tactile touch

Trauma therapy

Spinal Trauma

Etheric Healing

Aura reading

Soul reading

Crystal healing

Chakra balancing and cleansing

Subtle body balancing

Polarity healing

Spirits and Guides Channelled

Vibrational Medicine

Bio-Computer Operating Systems

 Adele is able to combine a number of these modalities so that the individual is treated effectively, providing
the best results in the least amount of time.
Adele respects boundaries and belief systems and will never travel to areas of belief without permission.