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Join the Spiritual Coaching Group and get the benefits of group sessions with Adele at a fraction of the cost!

The following program begins April 5th and will take place Thursdays from 7-8pm on Zoom calls online:


26- How it all began – looking at your journey up until this point in your life. How did you manifest this?


3 – The Journey of the Inner Child
10 – How personality and ego play their parts and how to identify them
17 – Tools to help you heal

24 – The power of meditation and the best types of them
31 – Dreams and how they affect your life

7 – Chakras and how to empower yourself
14 – Manifestation: How to achieve happiness and liberation

Through these 8 sessions, Adele will help participants transform and release old patterns that have been holding them back.
Get all 8 sessions for only $160!

Want more?

Adele is also offering a VIP experience, where you get all 8 sessions, PLUS a one hour, 1 on 1 session with Adele to delve even deeper into your journey and help you to heal.
VIP experience is only $260!

*** First three people to sign up will receive $50 off the VIP program!

Registrants will also receive:

– a digital copy of Adele’s CD, “Grounding to New Heights” –  $15 value

– a PDF copy of her book, “Bites of Light: A Year of Light” – $15 value

– a digital copy of a singing bowl manifestation meditation led by Adele – $12 value

– access to a special Facebook for members of this coaching program for ongoing, community support and a safe space to share – PRICELESS

– 10% off any remote sessions booked during the group coaching program’s run

Register by April 17th to be a part of this life-shifting program!

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