Ever wonder how you came into the world sick?

Ever wonder why you have the same disease as one of your parents or your grandparents?

Well, the description of Epigenetics, the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself, has opened up a new area in our understanding of what affects our genes. I have posted on my Bites of Light subjects about our emotions and how we are programmed through our DNA. It is very true and the most interesting thing about this is that it can go back for generations.

When I healed myself of a life-threatening injury, I was able to heal 12 generations back on my mother’s side. So amazing to think that we can heal not just ourselves, but the generations that went before us AND the generations to follow! Just think about it – we are all energy and as we heal we are able to influence others through our healing.

Now the topic at hand – Healing Developmental Trauma. I recently had an experience where a client was suffering to the point of not wanting to continue in THIS world. She came to me hoping I could help her find a solution to whatever it was that was continuing to diminish her world. So, tapping into her cranium and brain stem, I saw her as an Embryo and the Embryo was dark and jumping all over the place as though it was being fried. Staying with this and just holding the space for her, I then felt a current of Light explode from my hands and immediately her body jumped off the table as those I had cardiac paddles on her and was restarting her heart!!! After she did this a few times, she finally settled. I then asked her “What happened when your Mother was carrying you?” To which she replied, “My mother was electrocuted.”

This was still being held in her body and no matter what she could not slow down to SAVE her LIFE!

This is how strong the connection is between Mother and Baby! However, the father’s emotions are also programmed into this story, too. So, if have been wondering WHY all your life…This could be the reason.


What exactly is this? Adele takes you through the process of allowing your innate self to take you through the journey of the birth process.

Imagine being able to create the birth you wished you had! No forceps, vacuum, cesarean births, toxic stress environments and all the complications that went with the birth process. There is so much for us to learn regarding our conception and whole development and birth process.
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