Loving Yourself, Loving Others

Today, I was invited out to an Art Gallery of an acquaintance of mine. Three of us girls got together and travelled about 40 min. to get there on this Sun. afternoon. It was such a lovely time as we gazed and praised the fine works of art.

On returning home and dropping off one of the girls, my friend and I sat in the driveway and got carried away with the subject of having certain people in our lives. We were sharing the experience of really listening to oneself and understanding the true meaning of loving oneself. How we need to understand the meaning of boundaries when it comes to doing whats best for ourselves and not having any guilt about how the other person may interpret that. In respecting ourselves and our own personal needs, we can then let go of other peoples expectations of us and expectations of ourselves. This is a very important step to Loving oneself.
I have learnt the hard way, to always listen to my gut feeling and know that my TRUE essence is telling me to go with what I feel. A perfect example of that, was when I recently had an encounter with my ex husband. After, inviting him into my new home with his lady friend and my son, as he was leaving, he made a very cruel and hurtful comment. Although it surprised me, it wasn’t new. It was the old pattern come to haunt me. After he left, I said “His spots haven’t changed, but mine can”. So, I informed my children, that after this experience, I felt that now that my children were older, it was no longer required of me to remain “FRIENDS” with him. And so, in recognizing, that he is a good person and has his own journey, he didn’t need to be apart of mine anymore. So, I let that experience go:)
A step forward to loving myself. And this is how it’s done…one step at a time and trusting your instincts.
For every time I stand up for me, I announce to the Universe, I love and respect myself and I then have a greater understanding and compassion for others.

Breast Health Awareness Month at PRHC

April is a time when we witness new life. As we watch Mother Nature rebirth herself, it inspires us to a new sense of awakening. This month we will observe as the grass grows greener, the flowers bloom and the trees bud. And as women, we can relate to Mother Nature and the way she wishes to nourish us. In so many ways, she is there to support us. Just as we are, in fact, here to support our children and our families. As the Nurturer in the family, we are really called to this facet of our lives when we have children. As women, breast feeding is the way we nurture the most. And it is within this very act that we really begin to understand the depth of this action. Not only are we holding our child so close that the child can feel our warmth and hear our heart beat, but we are actually giving them life through nourishment. The mother’s milk contains colostrum, which is a strong immune builder and has vital vitamins. When breast feeding is no longer required, the nurturing aspect is not over. The breasts sit over our hearts, the chakra of love. This is where we hold our love for self and others and how we demonstrate that love.  When the breasts become dis-eased we want to understand, “How did this happen?”. In the attached interview below, I discuss how the dis-ease begins. With this knowledge I will explore other issues that are also main contributing factors as to why cysts and other blockages happen and what we can do to help ourselves keep our breasts healthy. Watch for me once again on April 23rd, 2012 on Roger’s Daytime TV as I further explain the effects of chemical inhalants on the breasts. I will keep you updated in the following letters and announcements to follow.
Love is in the air.
Breathe deeply.