Crystals to Heal Past Lives

These Crystals can help you recall and heal Past Lives. You can wear them or sleep with them.



Carnelian: Helps us to Tune into our Past Life Physical bodies.



Lapis Lazuli: As it activates our third eye, it can help us to tap into old wounds and pain from the past.



Turquoise: Can help us speak our Truth from across the generations and connect us naturally to our past lifetimes.



Clear quartz: These amazing stones can help us recognize the importance of past life therapy as it taps into our auras on a deeper level.



Amethyst: Helps to bridge this Physical world to the Spiritual world and inspires us to reach for Higher Levels of Healing.



Hematite: Helps us to reach those states of lightness during a regression session.



Jade: This stone helps us to be able to acknowledge the inevitable threads that weave in and out of our past and present lives. And to connect with the groundedness and abundance of all that is.

These stones naturally awaken and connect us to our past lives. They are powerful conductors which are connected to the Earth and to the Spirit World. They also assist in unlocking their own memories in how they connect with our memories.

Adele Uphasia Mary

Walking the Walk ….

When I am teaching classes, students will often hear me say “The best teacher is the one who practises what she preaches”. I am a real stickler for Walking the Walk.
And it’s when I have an affirmation from someone, is when I know how important this really is.
Just recently, I had a client come in who was having a very challenging time in opening up her heart. She could feel this restriction within herself and it was causing her much distress on all levels.
She shared with me that she had had a coaching session  and the coach asked her what she felt she really needed. She told the coach that she felt that she really needed someone to hold her and to tell her everything would be OK. When the coach asked her if there was anyone in her life that she could request this of, she said she thought about it and then she said “YES”. “Adele” It has to be “Adele”!!!
WOW!!! I felt so honoured!! That out of all the family, friends, co-workers and teachers, she chose me! This spoke volumes to me. That this indeed proved how “walking the Walk” is what it’s all about. That taking the time to heal and Love myself, made this person feel so safe that she could ask for this great gift of Love from me and knew that she could allow herself to be vulnerable enough that she could trust me with her greatest fears. At the end of the session, I opened myself up as much as humanly possible and allowed the Divine to flow through me to her. Holding her until I felt that she was saturated with Divine love and reassuring her that everything would be OK:) When Walking the walk, your work and life can be so rewarding on so many levels. I AM in Appreciation:) Namaste

The Cetacea Calling

It’s not unusual for me to be awoken in the middle of the night around 3 a.m. I have pretty much been in this pattern for 13 yrs. now. It’s when I usually get a”calling” from Spirit to either do some work on someone who needs my help, meditate or work with the energy. So when I woke up this particular night, I just laid there wondering what was going to come? Was I going back to sleep, read or “other”?
Turned out to be “other”. I relaxed on my Left side and then heard, cup your hands together. As soon as I heard this, I knew I was being called to meditate. So, when I saw the Star of David appear on all my fingers, and then the Star appeared in between my hands, It was quick to happen. But totally not what I expected..(but I don’t really expect anything anyway, it’s always different). Suddenly, as I felt the Light growing in my hands, I Heard the call. I heard and was so surprised to hear the call of the Whales!! It got louder and louder and I suddenly became aware of the Crystal Star of David in my healing room which was growing so quickly to become as big as the room itself. I felt the energy of the whales and was able to identify them as killer whales. I found myself riding on the back of one and feeling somewhat frightened and yet at the same time, knowing that I would not be here if They hadn’t called me. As the whale jumped and spun and dove, I could feel the OMG happening inside of me. As we dove down into the sea, I remember thinking, I can’t breath and then suddenly feeling gills and laughing because of course!!!!! If I was going to be riding a whale…spirit would give me gills!!! The experience of swimming with the whales was…well now…how can I possibly describe this as anything but Mind Blowing!!!!
I continued to experience this for sometime until I heard ” rest now…integrate…be at Peace.”
Upon awaking, with a smile on my face, I brought to mind what the Whale stood for. The Akashic Records. Akasha is a Sanskrit meaning for “Sky, Space or Ether.” Collectively to be understood as mystical knowledge held within the Ethers. It’s also known as the “Book of Life”. Or a Memory Storehouse. The Akashic records contain the entire history of every soul since the beginning of time. They are a portion of Divine Mind.
As I only want to share the experience and what it held for me, I won’t go into greater detail at this point about the Akashic records. But it definitely was an experience I was meant to have. The reason for it would unfold as time passed. Although, when I had a friend of mine come in the next day for a session, I immediately heard her laughing in another dimension. I knew I was meant to read some part of her Book of Life to give her a better understanding of her Journey.
And for myself??? It’s all unfolding!!!:) next up…..”Everything happens fora reason”! In Lak esh

Integrating New Information

That Sat. was an interesting turn of events. I had toned all XX1V tones and then went about my day.
Later in the afternoon, I began to sneeze. Now, I’ve had enough experience in the healing world, that I know when I start to repeatedly sneeze, it’s my Central Nervous System trying to adjust to new information.
By dinnertime, I became very congested and my nose started running like a tap. This kept up and went on through the night. I was constantly blowing my nose and sneezing. I knew it wasn’t a cold, as I have all the filters for influenza and they weren’t testing. Then on the Sunday night my throat became sore and I was rubbing heat rub on my neck and throat all the while sneezing and blowing my nose!!!
By Monday the runny nose was letting up but now it was turning into a cough. Well, I had no idea I was still carrying all THAT in my chest(will stay clear of the gory details). This continued pretty much to the end of the  week and then I started to feel pain in my heart.
It was here that even though I understood that I was processing,….. Imagine having the knowing that you are One with the Creator but then having to actually integrate that vastness into your physical heart!!!!! Was it more than I could handle??? The pain was such, that I worried it would be too much and I may actually have some kind of damage done to it. But I tried to remain quiet and calm and get lots of rest.
And it is from here today that I recognize the witness within me. I’ve been in witness for many years now, but not to this depth. There has been and continues a great shift within me. Everyday, I feel more alive….more AWAKE to the Truth. The truth I have known for many years but now I can really begin to proclaim the One within me. The “I AM” I AM Uphasia” Euphoric Being Of the Knowing Light”
Today, I was inspired to write this latest growth in me as it was in the middle of last night that I had another magnificent experience. I will write this tomorrow, as being on the computer this long is long enough for one day:)
However, I can give you a hint…..Cetacea :):):)

Pineal Toning with the Lemurian Choir

The next weekend that followed was where I was affirmed the purpose of the meditation the weekend before.
When coming across the announcement for the Lemurian Choir to be held in Toronto, I was very excited to participate. When I arrived that first Saturday morning, I knew it was going to be powerful, but to the degree to which I felt it was astounding. There was an artist there who was interpreting the Tones. The tones were going from 1–XX1V.
As we began the first tone I was guided to hold my hands in the shape of a pyramid. After each Tone a picture would come up on the screen showing us what it looked like in the Universe. As these pictures began popping up on the screen, it was a little mind blowing, as they were all the interpretations of exactly what had I had witnessed in my meditation. !!!! As we continued to Tone over the weekend, I had a knowing that indeed I had all this information inside me and I was here to affirm that all I needed to do was follow my guidance and the information would come to me as I was ready for it:) The very last picture to come up for level XX1V was what I witnessed just before I came out of meditation. WOW…..How powerful is that?????
I came home with a different level of Knowing and was excited to see where this was going to lead now……..
I arrived home and at different times during the night or day I would see Metatrons cube floating around inside me. On the next Sat. I was guided to do Sing all the Tones at once. This is where the information of all I had experienced HIT me!!!! OUCH!!!!

Metatron’s Cube

On November 3rd. I was going about my usual Saturday when I started to hear the whisper of my guides”Meditate” You must meditate. As the day progressed, the feeling got stronger and the voice louder. Finally just past dinner time it wasn’t a voice anymore, it was a force I could feel all around my body. “Meditate…you must meditate”!! And so, I proceeded to then inquire from the guides as to where and when and how they wanted me to set things up. After much detail as to the crystals I was to have around me and what direction I was to be facing(east) I then had to wait as they wanted me to begin at 11 p.m. Sometimes they can be very specific. When settled and all good to go I allowed the guidance to begin. As I opened my hands to receive, I suddenly saw stars on all my fingers. Then I was guided to cup my hands and a star appeared in between them.  I realized that this was the star of David. Then Light from the stars on my fingers went into the star cupped in my hands and the Light travelled back and forth between fingers and star. I then saw the Light start to travel throughout my whole body and then
found myself travelling through a tunnel of white light and also through time. Being able to catch glimpses of myself in other realities. When I arrived to a place of what I will call Point Zero, I felt such peace. I was sitting in a Yogi position but I was of a great vastness of space. In a Nebula of colour. It was here that I saw and felt an orbit of light starting to surround me in a vertical direction. Then another started in a horizontal direction. Then another on a 45 degree angle and yet another and another until there were spheres of Light buzzing around me at the speed of LIGHT:) Then I heard”Chant” So I started chanting the sound I was hearing which varied between many different levels of sound. As I did this I saw a rotation of Light rings going up and down my body. Suddenly I witnessed a cube around me and then pyramids inside me and then I saw the Merkabah appear within me. It was here that I heard “Metatrons Cube”. I suddenly understood that all information was inside me and that I was one with the Creator. As I allowed myself to witness this, I slowly came back to my space in this reality. I had a feeling of great Peace and Love but had no idea where this was leading other than I knew my physical body may indeed change due to new information being processed. I had No idea what was about to happen in the near future!

A Deeper Understanding of the Flu

It’s that time of year again, when there is much buzz in the air around the topic of Flu and colds. Then it leads to flu shots and whether or not to get them? That’s why I think it is a good idea to have a better look at the influenza and what it is from another perspective.
When someone comes in with a cold, I usually ask what’s going on in their lives? Maybe a little too much and the bodies response is to get overloaded with information and has a tendency to get bogged down. It needs to rest and therefore it gets your attention with stuffy nose, coughs, and so on. The same is for the flu. The fever, the aching head, the sore joints, is all the bodies way of trying to release negative toxins from the body.
So, we have different types of toxins. We have environmental, digestive and negative thoughts.
We have our outer environment, the outside world, and we have household toxins ie: substances such as paints, furniture, carpets, glue in floors, tiles etc. So, it’s a good idea to be aware of these antigens and how they gas off. Then there are the toxins you take into your body and try to digest something your body may be having a difficult time breaking down Therefore, using up a lot of personal energy to do this and leaving the body weaker.
And then there are the thoughts!!! And this is probably the biggest bugaboo of them all!!!! Having negative thoughts or thoughts of a lower vibration.
When a person is continuously thinking of something or someone in the past or trying to control an outcome in the future, they are constantly giving away their power. Therefore, milking the Immune system on a steady basis.
Narayan-Singh states in his book “Messages from the Body” that the flu is a ” strong experience of lack of support and protection. There is a good deal of internal conflict especially from the “world of agreement” and or “group mind” or “Statistical proofs.” Underneath are buried very strong emotions. So when the flu or the cold hits, it might be a time to rest, be still and go inside and examine how we got it in the first place. It’s just so easy to say” I caught it at work, or from the kids, at school etc. But truth of the matter is when the mind is healthy and the spirit strong these outside viruses don’t actually have an effect on us.
Then the question of having Flu shots is one we needn’t even entertain:) Next: How to clean up your field inside and out!

Traveling to Other Dimensions

Meditation was something that I took to like a fish to water. It could be that my previous practice, which was praying on a regular basis helped. My ability to focus was fairly decent. So when I began meditating, I felt at ease with the process.. I believe I had been meditating for approximately 3mths. when I started waking up at 3 in the morning. Not exactly at 3 but always between 3 and 4. I would just feel this powerful energy in the room and hear” It’s time to meditate” So, I would immediately sit up tall, light a candle, get into the Yogi position and start. It always went the same. I first “heard” Ground Yourself”. Then after fully grounding myself, I would hear” Call in your Higher Self”. And so I would.. The things that I experienced after this were “mind Blowing”. I would travel to other realities and have different experiences with other beings. All looking different in shapes and sizes. I would travel to different planets and galaxies. Sometimes I would be gone for 1–2 hrs. Coming back I would fall into a deep sleep and feel either maybe refreshed or somewhat tired, but always excited about the experience I had had night before. I learnt so much about the Universe and how it worked This experience of meditating in the middle of the night lasted for approximately 1 1/2 yrs. Now, “sometimes” I would refuse to meditate because I would say”guys…I need a few nights off here!!!! I’m living in a human body!!! I need to catch up on my sleep!!” But it was rare. I knew I was being called upon to learn. Now how did this happen that I was having all these experiences? I wasn’t aware at the time that when meditating at this time I was stimulating the Pineal gland which naturally produces DMT Dimethyltryptamine. It is released naturally into the bloodstream and this is what often gives us the dream state. But you can imagine when you’re AWAKE for this dream and able to communicate in this state, what an awesome experience it was.  And it is NATURAL…not drug induced. Also, Thought form is at its lowest(the collective consciousness.) so you are not hearing other peoples thought
So, if you’re wanting to upgrade your meditative experiences, I highly recommend that you try setting your alarm for 3 a.m. and see how it goes. Or for those of you who are naturally awake and can’t sleep …here’s a way to use your time effectively. I HIGHLY recommend it:O

The Shift in Perspective

In a practice like mine, I feel fortunate to observe the shift in all aspects of life. As my practice is well diversified, I get to see all different types of people, with a mixture of problems. Anywhere from physiological, structural or Spiritual, it makes for an interesting week. I can have someone come through my door suffering from back pain to allergies, or in distress about some situation in their lives. But no matter what the problem is, it all goes back to their physical mind and how they perceive things.
As I write my book”Pain is Resistance” I get to review my own past and how once upon a time, I too believed in certain things and how I thought the world worked.  To be able to watch myself in retrospect and to observe how I went from a person who suffered from a N.D.E. and the loss of a loved one all in one breath, to the person who I am now and how I learnt how to change my perspective and believe in my Highest mind and how the Universe really works. How I saw myself as a part of everything and everyone and was able to set myself and others free from a false perspective. It has been most liberating and the fact that I have experienced this, has given me the opportunity to grow and share my experiences with those I see on a daily basis who are in distress. Thus, as the energy  grows in a rapid manner, I find myself more and more thankful for this great gift that was given to me. I am able to convey a message which is heartfelt and because of the road I walked, There is a trust and therefore, a Shift. More and more of us are able or wanting to see things differently.

The Dreamer’s Reality

All my life, I have been a vivid dreamer. They are always in technicolor and always so real. As I have grown in my spiritual practice through meditation and the dream analysis, I have come to realize, that all along I have been travelling to other dimensions and other realities getting to know my Multi-dimensional self.
So now, when I awaken from a dream, I know that I have been somewhere else and have done a healing on someone, or have recognized that in another reality I am having a different experience. It’s from these other realities that I am trying to draw from. Bringing back those good experiences into This reality.
The other night, I had a Lucid dream. Lucid meaning I was more in the awake stage and knowing I’m dreaming  and can have some control over the dream state outcome. .I appeared to be standing beside the garage of the previous home in which I used to live. I heard a voice say”Walk through it” Meaning walk through the brick walls. And, without hesitation, I did. I felt myself walk through the brick wall. There was a car in the garage, and I walked through that too. Then I walked out the other side. The coolest thing about this, was that I FELT it. I felt myself going through and knowing that I was just energy.When I came out the other side I heard” We are All One”. We are all pure energy. Everything I see, is my constructed reality for me to have the experiences I want to have.
This not the first time this has happened to me. But in other times, I have not been dreaming OR meditating.