What is Discernment and How Can it Help You in Your Journey?

I recently posted on Instagram “I Am Discerning.”

What exactly does this mean? Discernment is the ability to tell the difference between Truth and Lies. Right or wrong.

How did I, personally, receive this gift or ability?

I was attending a course offered through our church. A course on the many attributes of the Holy Spirit. It has been said in the Bible that the Holy Spirit is all-knowing and we can receive guidance from the Holy Spirit when we are very connected to Source. Well, one night we were having a gathering and when in fervent prayer, I felt a huge Light come down through me and an immense feeling of love come over me. I felt very happy and rather blissful that night, but still did not really understand what happened.
It wasn’t long after this that I went to visit a dear friend of mine who suffered from chronic fatigue and severe allergies. She began each day with mad coughing fits, which were so intense that she would literally pass out from them as she couldn’t catch her breath.

The day I arrived we went Christmas shopping and had a lovely dinner together. That night before we went to bed, she shared that she had eaten a few things she was sensitive to, and it could cause a bad coughing attack in the morning. We went to bed and I wished her a good night’s sleep.

In the middle of the night, I awoke. I had to use the washroom. I remember how dark it was and how I had to feel the walls to make it to the washroom. I slowly made it back to my bedroom and crawled back under the covers. I always carried my rosary with me and began to pray as I waited to return to sleep. Suddenly, there was a horrible smell that filled the room. Sulphur. It was so overpowering, that I could actually taste it. I knew then and there, that it was a dark force and I had to do something to cast it out!! I held the rosary close to my heart and then yelled (in my mind),

“In the Name Of Jesus Christ I command you to leave!!” I repeated it 3 times. Suddenly I felt like a strong pull, and I opened my eyes to see this mass of darkness with pointed ears, a long snout, horribly broad nostrils, with green poison coming out of them and pus coming out its bulging yellow neon eyes. It was sucked out of the window and gone for good!! What an experience!

The next morning, I awoke to sun shining and my friend walked into the bedroom with a big smile and a hello.

“Well, you look all bright and chipper. I didn’t even hear you cough this morning.” I said. She replied, ” That’s because for the first time in years, I haven’t coughed. I had the best sleep ever and I feel great.!”  At the time I wasn’t prepared to share with her what had happened and mainly because I also understood where the darkness came from. Her Husband. He was a bad alcoholic. The darkness came from him. Ever since that night, I have been exorcising dark forces from humans and buildings alike.

I also know when a person lies to me or when there’s a darkness around me. I  know when people try to pull the wool over my eyes. So happy that I have this gift in these tumultuous times. I have a knowing. I have told the Truth. I am listening to Source and it is bringing me deep peace and guidance through this whole chaotic experience.

Meditation and prayer can also help you to receive the gift of discernment. It will give you strength and courage. You will be the spiritual warrior you are meant to be.
You won’t be afraid of what others tell you, because you will know the TRUTH.

Do it! It will set you FREE!!!!!


Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

When we first start on the path of Spirituality, we are very vulnerable and have a tendency to trust everyone. We think because a person is speaking the lingo they must be very honest and trusting. After all, when we are searching or have been meditating, we must be a good person. However, what we don’t know is that although they may be teaching a certain healing modality or talking about meditation etc., that they still have an EGO, too. And it’s the EGO we must watch for.

I have had many experiences, where I have had to learn that just because they are on the path, does not mean that they have your best interest at heart. They may have “their” best interest at heart. I learnt this years ago when invited to attend an event with a Medium. I had heard about him and every time someone old me about him and what he did, I got an eerie feeling in my stomach. So, as it turned out he was invited to town and I was asked to go. I knew right away I wasn’t going to go as I trusted my gut. However, I always try to check in with Spirit, I asked if it was in my Highest Good to go. Spirit answered “Yes”. I was shocked!!! But why??? I’m sure this is not a good experience for me. But Spirit was persistent about me going and said I would find out WHY when I got there. I was going for a lesson.

After arriving, I was immediately instructed by Spirit to go sit and ground myself. After 15 or so mins. passed, the Medium walked past me to go to the room where the event was going to take place. I was shocked when I saw him because he was pallor and his stomach was so swollen. Right away I knew this was fraud.

We were called into the room and seated. They explained that all the light would be blocked and he was going to be tied to a chair. So, they proceeded to block all light and it was pitch dark. Within a few minutes a squeaky voice called out and announced itself as Lady Nada. The voice spoke for 15-20 mins and the rest of the room was totally engaged. Just before they turned the lights on I heard Spirit speak to me “Beware of Wolves dressed in Sheep’s clothing.” And there it was. What a sham. But you wouldn’t believe how all the healers in the room fell for it!!!!

After they turned the lights on this man barfed up a dozen or so American silver dollars and then called out numbers for people to receive them. My friend received one as most people did, thankfully EXCEPT me. As people were asking questions to this man, he glanced around the room and our eyes met. He spoke to me directly “you’re awfully quiet over there.” To which I replied ” Yes, I’m just observing.” He knew I knew.

After we left, I instructed my friend to bash the coin and throw it in the river. Which he did. It wasn’t after this..month or so that I heard the man had passed away.

So, before you get yourself into a situation, where you don’t really know who you’re getting yourself involved with, make sure you get your guidance from Spirit. The world is full of charlatans and they could be right under your nose. Feel into it. Listen intently to your gut and your Higher Self. Don’t believe everything you hear. And if it sounds too good to be true…then it’s probably a sham.

Accept What Is and Get On With It!

This was the message I got from spirit a few years ago. I had been stressing over my backed up lymphatic system and how uncomfortable I felt in my body. I wasn’t sleeping and would wake up with so much pain. I could hardly move. It took all my will power to get up and go for a walk as I wasn’t going to let this get the better of me. However, it already had, as it was always on my mind in one way or another.

Just to give you a little history, I had ruptured my thoracic duct, the largest lymph node in the body in the year 2003. After 2 years of swelling up and losing my ability to even walk my stairs, drowning in my own body fluid, I was able to heal myself through constant awareness and meditation. After I healed myself, I thought my body would naturally heal, too. However, in my world of “not fast enough” I began to loose faith and started thinking about it all the time. I would fast for 10-30 days, and even though it helped significantly, eventually the swelling would come back. So, I became frustrated and impatient.

It was when I was going through one of these distracted times that I began to feel a presence around me. I felt that someone was trying to give me a message. Soon, I received a call from a friend who said that she was going to a monastery for a retreat and would I like to come? She said, if you don’t book months in advance, there was never any room. However, she called at the last minute and they had a room. Just “by chance” she asked if they had 2 rooms, and sure enough they did!

As we drove up to this beautiful Monastery on that fall day, I could feel something inside me. An anticipation if you will. My friend told me that as soon as we arrived and I stepped foot on the ground, she saw me shift. She said I changed right before her eyes, and it was a spiritual presence that she felt. I shared with her that I felt a strong message was coming. The first night was beautiful, the colours, the cathedral, the silence at dinner. It was all very soothing. That night we went to bed in our separate rooms and I remember how peaceful and quiet it was.

The next morning we went for breakfast and then we decided to check things out. We walked the property until lunch. Then I told my friend I needed to be alone. So, I walked to find a path and through the path there were places where you could sit and meditate or pray. I took this all in and as I was coming close to the end, I sat on a wooden bench when suddenly I heard a Voice. The Voice said “Accept what is and get on with it.” Three times!

In other words, I have a condition caused by an injury and just to accept it. I was wasting time and energy being upset cause my physical body was not healing the way “I” wanted! I mean, if I had lost an arm or leg, would I spend my entire life trying to grow it back? NO. So, accept what is and get on with it. This didn’t mean I wouldn’t be taking care of myself, it just meant that I had HIGH expectations for my body and it wasn’t keeping up with what I thought it SHOULD do. So, I proceeded to accept. Every morning, no matter how the night was, I would wake up and repeat the words “Accept what is and get on with it.” I can share with you that after doing this for almost 2 months, it got worse before it got better!

I’ll never forget Christmas eve and Christmas day. I thought I was going to die I felt so sick. But my mantra stuck with me and I prevailed. It was the morning ofJanuary 4. I woke up pain free. It was gone. The next night and the next and the next. My energy came back and I felt like a whole new me.
What happened? I took my focus off what was wrong and focused on what was right!

So, if you find yourself in a similar place where your world seems to be crashing down on you, look to see where your focus is. You may be surprised to find your thoughts in the negative rather than the positive. I have followed this practice and it continues to bring me peace and and a healthier frame of mind.


Unconditional Love and Mother Mary

I have been meditating for over 25 years now. My most intensive meditations have happened in the middle of the night. I have had many numerous experiences working with spirit guides and ascended masters. I have crossed the veil and seen things that I could never imagine. I have had directions from guides to clear away dark forces, heal people in the middle of the night and to hold space for others while they walk their path.

Being raised catholic, one of the benefits I gained through this was I developed a beautiful relationship with Mother Mary. She was and still is such a powerful force in my life. She would often appear to me and ask me why I continued to doubt myself? It was usually in cases where a person was very upset with me because I spoke the truth or I would hold my words back and not say anything at all. She would appear to me and say “Adele, when are you going to stop doubting yourself”?

However, this all changed when a friend of mine took me to see a healer that he was seeing and wanted me to come along. Why not? So, I went to this person’s house and she guided us up to the healing space. She began by ringing the singing bowls around our heads.

Then she took out an essence and sprayed it around us.

1: This is the essence of Grounding. To which I whispered to myself “I Am Grounded.”

2: This is the essence of the Archangels. To which I whispered to myself “I receive the Archangels”.

3: This is the essence of Mother Mary. To which I Tried to whisper ” I receive Mother Mary”, but before I could get the words out, she came through the wall behind me and came right into me!!!!!

She knocked me off my chair and my friend was stunned and the lady doing the healing started coughing so hard she had to leave the room. I was down on all fours and I said to her, ” It’s too strong, I can’t handle it!!” To which she replied, ” It isn’t too strong. If I thought you couldn’t handle it, this wouldn’t be happening. I wouldn’t be inside you now. So ground yourself and calm down.” I immediately started to do just that.

After I calmed down, my friend was looking like a deer in headlights and the healer was in awe of what just happened. Going home that night my friend and I talked about what had happened. He said he would so love to feel this experience, too. Asking me what I felt like, I answered that I was in total bliss. This lasted for weeks. When I spoke with Mother Mary and told her, “So this is what unconditional love feels like?” She responded,

” You have just tipped the iceberg.”

She is my greatest teacher and she has made me realize that this would never have happened if I wasn’t in a high enough vibration in order to receive and hold it. I am forever thankful for this experience and she continues to work with me daily. She has come through many mediums to tell me, “You are a Good person. Believe in your goodness. I am always with you.”

Thank you Mother Mary. I love you🙏

I Am Who I Am

In the years that I have experienced life there is one thing I know for sure. I am who I am.

Reflecting back to my childhood there was always a little quirkiness about me. Always a little different, doing my own thing. I look back and have a good chuckle at some of the things I used to do as a child. I used to show up at school with a bag of costumes and announce that I was putting on a performance that day. I’m amazed that not one of my teachers ever said NO. I guess they found me pretty amusing. In fact, when I was in grade six, I got a call to go to the office. You can imagine how nervous I was as my classmates all called out “ooooooooohhhhhh…oh oh…Adele, what did you do?” Only to find my kindergarten teacher from the previous city we lived in had come to visit me!!!! She was so delighted to see me and asked if I was still as funny and putting on shows when I was in her class? I answered “YES” and she said “never stop being who you are Adele. You are such a delight”!

And so it continued. I guess I was just doing my own thing and bopping along living in my own world. I never gave a thought to try to fit in. Couldn’t be bothered. I loved to skate and would spend most of my time at the rink. I loved to read and sew and would spend most of my time being absorbed in the things that made me happy.

It sure has paid off. Cause my life has been my own creation all along. Sometimes I’m a dreamer, sometimes I’m the comedian, sometimes I’m the healer, the meditator , the creator, the intellect, the explorer, adventurer, dancer, friend, lover, Mom, Auntie. I am all these and so much more. So, I am who I am in the moment and it changes all the time. The thing is I have learned to love WHO I am in the present and go with it. Just loving my life and enjoying myself. Never taking myself too seriously. Laughing at myself and how completely crazy I can be. This Life is for Living. So…ease up. Relax and have fun. Be fine with who you are in the moment. And if you aren’t, change it! You have the ability to change your MIND at anytime. Try on something different. I can be classic one day and motorcycle chic the next. But I have learned to love all aspects of myself. The more I love all aspects the better my life is. So…be different or not!!! Who cares? Just be who you are.

Is it your responsibility to FIX someone?

Through the years of observing people, I have always found it fascinating the reasons why people choose to stay together in a relationship. It usually all goes back to the beginning of the relationship. When they fell in love. When everything was awesome and they had stars in their eyes. When they saw the best in the person and times were good. However, we need to remember that when we first meet someone we/they are on their best behaviour. That we are wearing a mask that covers our wounds and hurts and also we often are hoping that the other person will help to heal those. That all the pain is taken away when we are feeling so excited about how the other person makes us feel and for the time being we feel as though those pains have dissolved.
Then one day we notice that our new found love is feeling irritated. Maybe feeling angry or showing bouts of jealousy. You try to discuss it. Maybe they’re open to talking about it maybe not. But as time moves on, more and more of these negative demonstrations are happening on a regular basis. So you try a little harder to make peace, make change. It works for awhile but at the end of the day it seems that this is turning into a pattern. Wait a minute……have I been here before? Have I witnessed this pattern in another relationship? Was it another partner? A parent? But you definitely begin to see the other person in another light. What do you do? Try harder? And harder…..and harder????
Oh dear, this is all too familiar.
Have you fallen from the frying pan into the fire?
THIS is why we choose to work on ourselves before we jump into new relationship after leaving another. Chances are we will repeat the same mistakes as we have not taken the time to heal our past issues with ourselves. Therefore, we keep on falling into the same hole in the sidewalk until we have done our own work. And is it your responsibility to heal someone else? No. You actually do a person a disservice when you try to take it on yourself and do the work for them. No such thing. That’s called disempowerment. You will disempower them and disempower you. The best way to assist someone in their healing is to be the mentor and show them how its done. BE the change. If this person truly wants healing, they will follow by example. If not, its time to move on to a new level of BEING. When this has been experienced, you will be more careful of how or when you choose to get into relationship and honour the work you have done on yourself. It will also empower the other person to take responsibility to do their work.
At the end of the day, it is better for everyone involved. So, it’s not your responsibility to FIX someone else. You and you alone are responsible for your feelings. Leave others work up to them.

Live Each Day to the Fullest

Today I had the privilege of visiting a client of mine in hospital. She had had quite the journey and now her journey was coming to an end.

It all started with a blow up of the garburator in the condo. By the next day she was covered in boils from head to toe. They rushed her to the hospital and after finally diagnosing her with sepsis, the journey began. It went from bad to worse having to have chemo for the leukemia that developed to having her colon removed, a bone marrow transplant, a lung infection to the return of the cancer. All this in 6 months. She only got to go home for a few days in that whole time.

When I went to see her, she was sleeping and her husband and friends were there. She woke up and the first person she called out to was me. Amazing as I guessed she saw my Light.  It was a special time as her husband instructed everyone that they would leave the room while I had come to do something special with his wife. They all left and I pulled my chair beside her and held her hand. We chatted for a bit and had a couple of laughs…we used to laugh a lot when she would come for treatment.

Then I got the message I was to read her soul. I did. There was an Angel standing right beside her and was there to support her while the end drew near. Her Mother who had past years before came to her and said she would be waiting with open arms when she traveled to the other side. She had a big smile on her face. Many messages flowed in. But the best message of all, was that this beautiful soul was at peace with her passing! She understood that her contract was up and it was time to return home.

What I also loved about my visit was the number of people who came from near and far to visit her. It showed me how much this person had given to others  in her life and the impact she had on them. It made an impression on me. Nobody knew the work that this earthly angel had done. She never tooted her own horn. And now that she was going home, the people in her life are coming in droves to say Thank You and I Love You.

I had such a privilege and an awesome experience a to witness a soul preparing to go home with such Grace and Ease.

Life is for Living folks. You never know when your contract is up. So live your life the best to your ability. Be kind to one another and don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!! It’s just not worth it.

Namaste until next time

Adele Stratton

Real Success Comes from Inside

Hello SEPTEMBER: Are you here so soon???
There is just so much new information being downloaded these days that my brain can barely keep up. For every time I get downloaded, my physical body has to adjust and then it’s slightly uncomfortable for awhile. Which means…all the time..LOL
Before I continue, I just want to mention the pure joy that has been in my heart for my daughter Amber and her marriage to Dave. Their wedding was an event to admire. They held everything under one roof making it so pleasant for their guests. The fact that it rained that day was just a confirmation that they had made a good choice (in all regards).  Amber was in such a state of ZEN, that it was almost unbelievable that she was a bride!!!! They are now in Italy celebrating their future together as husband and wife. I feel so happy for them.
On another note, there also is much strife in the world and people are reacting in many different ways. Trying to understand it all. Trying to comprehend how this all fits in their world and what it means to their futures. And this is where I come in. As you all have read and possibly seen on FBK..Twitter, etc. we are posting about the upcoming Alchemist training program. When I first began posting it, it was a replica of the previous Alchemist course. Well, that has all changed. That’s what the downloading has been about. DOWNLOADING: Channelled information from the Highest Self. The program has completely changed and those of you who have expressed interest, I urge you to go to the website and reread whats been newly posted. New information, new price, New you!!!!!! This intensive Rite of Passage will help you to have a better understanding of what YOU are all about and how to stay in the forefront of your Manifestation and not get pulled down by what the world is throwing in your direction.The world can be a better place when you are the Light walking through it. The world is a better place when you KNOW that everything starts with you and hold yourself accountable for your thoughts and actions.Be apart of this ever changing growth of the New Consciousness and join Sara and I as we assist you in this magnificent life changing Passage. Your future will be brighter and your smile will be Wider!!!!!!!
A.U.M. Adele Uphasia Mary

Dealing with Your Circumstances

Accepting what is… There will be times in your life when there will be circumstances you cannot control.  You may be diagnosed with an illness that is not easy to cure. You may have an injury that stops you in your tracks. Then, you find yourself flat on your back for a long period of time while you slowly recuperate. There may be a restructure in your company and after all those years you find yourself unemployed. Sometimes circumstances can occur where you want something really bad but it is not happening fast enough.  These are the times when you can really take the opportunity to empower yourself in knowing that this is where your thoughts about the situation will have a definite effect on the outcome.  The disease you have been diagnosed with may not change for sometime. However, how you think and feel about it can make all the difference in how you handle it or how it can change your destiny .

As in old past patterns, you may be tempted to ask these old questions: “Why me? Why now? I don’t deserve this.. It’s not fair!” It can even get deeper.. you may fall into the trap of anger. Angry because you feel helpless at the situation and have no control over it. This is where you need to be aware of the personality called the Victim. This is where you can have an effect on the outcome of the situation. Instead of turning into the victim… Become the Victor!!!! All circumstances can be changed by the way you THINK about them. Falling into the negative feelings of the circumstance will only bring you further down.

Maybe these few suggestions can help you bring yourself back on top and help you to recreate your life in a positive way:
1) On waking in the morning.. Immediately give thanks for everything you do have
2) If you belong to a gym .. Make it a must to go or get out go for a walk and move your physical energy. Nothing worse than adding inertia to everything.
3) Find some positive mantras that will help you stay focused on all that is good and what you are deserving of. 4) Listen to only positive music.. No sad lost love songs or anything that will pull you down.
5) Surround yourself with all the up people and positive thinkers to help you stay focused on all that is good.
6) Meditate on how you want to see yourself always .. See yourself in perfect health/ in the perfect job/ surrounded by tons of whatever you want. All that you desire.
7) Before you fall asleep.. Give thanks for being able to stay in a positive state and once again give thanks for everything and everyone you have in your life.

Your circumstances may be out of your control…. Your thoughts are not! Empower yourself.. You Can do this.. Prove it to yourself.. After all, what do you have to loose? Your shadow/ the darkness and into the Light. Proving to yourself you have the ability to make change. Everything happens for a reason…   Adele Stratton

Buyer Beware

Yes, you’ll maybe want to watch the purchases you make for your Christmas shopping. Making sure there are warranties and such. However, you may also may want to watch how you choose your gifts to yourself…Yes, buyer beware…beware of who you decide to go to for your healings.
Are you new out there and just beginning to explore the world of alternative medicine? Then you must be very cautious. Just as you know there are people in every walk of life who maybe will slip you up, they exist in the healing world, too. How do you know that they are good at what they say they can do for you?
I would start by checking out their websites. Now they may have a splashy website but what you’re looking for is training. How much training have they had? Do they have a list of all their credentials? What exactly have they studied, with who and what institution? Have they taken a few weekend courses and are now practising or even teaching these classes? Buyer beware.
Then look for experience. How many years have they practicing and can they give a list of testimonials that can show you that they are the “real deal”.
Next…their personal story. What can they tell you that can convince you that they are just not blowing a lot of smoke your way or their EGO making them sound authentic.
Next..referrals. Ask around. Don’t be in a rush to make  an appointment. Take your time. Then as you’re taking your time, maybe your gut will lead you to the right person.
In my experience as a practitioner of 25 years of study I have come to know and see these wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. My training has been extensive and I never stop learning. Forever the student.
I have for most of my life never advertised…I have gone on referrals only. My practice is busy and successful. That alone speaks for itself. Integrity and Honesty. The best policies.
I hope these guidelines assist you on your journey so that your experiences in the healing world are all that you expect.
Wishing you Health, Happiness, Love and Peace:
Adele Uphasia Mary A.U.M.