The Power of Carnelian

One of the crystals I use semi-frequently in my practice is the Carnelian. It is common for crystal collectors and crystal healers to have Carnelian in their collection. Carnelian is actually a member of the quartz family, but more specifically a variety of Chalcedony. It often comes in an orange colour variety but can vary from a deep, rust coloured brown to a pale, pinky-orange. Most people associate Carnelian with the darker, orange colours, which is appropriate because it’s name comes from the Latin word for flesh!

Carnelian works quite powerfully on the first and second chakra areas. It balances the body’s energies, increases stability and is often used to stimulate the appetite…both digestively and sexually! Though if you are looking for a little help with the latter, I would definitely suggest a darker hue like orange or red. Orange crystals in particular are very potent for fertility and sensual endeavours. If some of the passion has been lost from your otherwise loving relationship, try a little carnelian in your life and reignite the spark!

As far as ‘physical ills’ are concerned, Carnelian works to heal lower back issues, blood circulation issues, infertility problems, nutrient absorption issues and so much more! Women who experience painful menstrual cramps may find relief in the use of Carnelian just prior to and during menstruation. It is important to note for this, that Carnelian does much better work when in direct contact with the skin. Men can also make good use of Carnelian’s properties for bladder or prostate issues. Give it a try and see if it can help make those night time visits to the lou less frequent and more fruitful!

Since Carnelian helps to bring energy into those first two chakras, it can also be used to motivate people in the professional realm. This crystal helps to promote confidence and attract prosperity as well. The stabilizing effect Carnelian has on the root and sacral chakras has such a widespread influence throughout the body and when you’re working with a strong base, there’s so much you can accomplish. Can you see why this multi-talented stone is often included in the tool-box of many crystal practitioners!

Now that you have read a small sliver of the incredible benefits of Carnelian, how can you incorporate this stone into your life? Keep one at your bedside table and meditate with it at night or within reach at the first sign of menstrual cramps. Many people also enjoy making Carnelian water to ingest. Some stones are unsafe to do this with, but Carnelian water is an excellent way to make use of this stone in your every day life. Be sure however, to cleanse this stone regularly to prevent any build up of negative or stagnant energy. You can do this easily by rinsing it under cool, running water while repeating, “Let All Negative Energy Leave” several times. Follow your intuition on when to stop. Then, place Carnelian in the sun or under a full moon. Either will do to charge this amazing stone. Enjoy your journey with Carnelian!

When Are You Going to Take Responsibility?

It appears that no matter what, people are always looking for a way out. A way to blame circumstances or people for the way they feel. I have addressed this subject before, however, I feel with all the goings on in the world we ought to review it again.

How many times have you said to yourself that the full moon is coming and therefore won’t be able to sleep? How often do you hear of energies in the world or around the planet are changing and therefore will make you feel unhinged, tethered, short tempered and just plane ol’ grumpy?

Seriously…if we are all going to be so sensitive and vulnerable to everything that is happening around us, why bother? We’re just going to go around grumbling that the energies are changing and they’re having an effect on us and therefore we’re just a mess?! Oh…it’s the planet’s fault, oh its Mars’ fault, oh there is something funky in the air. Blah blah blah blah!

Come on folks….are you really going to allow this to have an effect on you? Have you no control over your own life? Are going to go around a slithering mess and blame the planets and the Universe for it? Remember, we attract that what is in us! So if you’re just a grumpy ol’ mess not wanting to deal with what’s really going on inside you, go ahead. Blame the planets. Blame the ENERGIES!!!! But if you were really who you say you are or believe yourself to Be, then none of this will have an effect on you!

A very wise shaman once told me that if I was off kilter, it was my responsibility. NOT the Universes or some energy that was swinging its way around. NO…..Yours! So I learned how to be Grounded. Practice, practice, practice!!!!! Everyday, every night. Day in day out. Cause if I really believed I am co-creator then nothing is going to touch me. And if it does it’s because I attracted it. Plain and simple!

So folks…it’s time. Take charge! No more allowing beliefs that other energies have control of your lives. Take your power back! Be your OWN co-creator! Ground yourself daily and make stuff happen. Excel and don’t allow others to control your spiritual journey. Unless of course you’re going the easy route. Or is it really easy? Not when you’re feeling like crap!

Don’t know how to Ground? Download my Grounding CD on CD baby. “Grounding to new Heights”

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