Real Success Comes from Inside

Hello SEPTEMBER: Are you here so soon???
There is just so much new information being downloaded these days that my brain can barely keep up. For every time I get downloaded, my physical body has to adjust and then it’s slightly uncomfortable for awhile. Which means…all the time..LOL
Before I continue, I just want to mention the pure joy that has been in my heart for my daughter Amber and her marriage to Dave. Their wedding was an event to admire. They held everything under one roof making it so pleasant for their guests. The fact that it rained that day was just a confirmation that they had made a good choice (in all regards).  Amber was in such a state of ZEN, that it was almost unbelievable that she was a bride!!!! They are now in Italy celebrating their future together as husband and wife. I feel so happy for them.
On another note, there also is much strife in the world and people are reacting in many different ways. Trying to understand it all. Trying to comprehend how this all fits in their world and what it means to their futures. And this is where I come in. As you all have read and possibly seen on FBK..Twitter, etc. we are posting about the upcoming Alchemist training program. When I first began posting it, it was a replica of the previous Alchemist course. Well, that has all changed. That’s what the downloading has been about. DOWNLOADING: Channelled information from the Highest Self. The program has completely changed and those of you who have expressed interest, I urge you to go to the website and reread whats been newly posted. New information, new price, New you!!!!!! This intensive Rite of Passage will help you to have a better understanding of what YOU are all about and how to stay in the forefront of your Manifestation and not get pulled down by what the world is throwing in your direction.The world can be a better place when you are the Light walking through it. The world is a better place when you KNOW that everything starts with you and hold yourself accountable for your thoughts and actions.Be apart of this ever changing growth of the New Consciousness and join Sara and I as we assist you in this magnificent life changing Passage. Your future will be brighter and your smile will be Wider!!!!!!!
A.U.M. Adele Uphasia Mary

Dealing with Your Circumstances

Accepting what is… There will be times in your life when there will be circumstances you cannot control.  You may be diagnosed with an illness that is not easy to cure. You may have an injury that stops you in your tracks. Then, you find yourself flat on your back for a long period of time while you slowly recuperate. There may be a restructure in your company and after all those years you find yourself unemployed. Sometimes circumstances can occur where you want something really bad but it is not happening fast enough.  These are the times when you can really take the opportunity to empower yourself in knowing that this is where your thoughts about the situation will have a definite effect on the outcome.  The disease you have been diagnosed with may not change for sometime. However, how you think and feel about it can make all the difference in how you handle it or how it can change your destiny .

As in old past patterns, you may be tempted to ask these old questions: “Why me? Why now? I don’t deserve this.. It’s not fair!” It can even get deeper.. you may fall into the trap of anger. Angry because you feel helpless at the situation and have no control over it. This is where you need to be aware of the personality called the Victim. This is where you can have an effect on the outcome of the situation. Instead of turning into the victim… Become the Victor!!!! All circumstances can be changed by the way you THINK about them. Falling into the negative feelings of the circumstance will only bring you further down.

Maybe these few suggestions can help you bring yourself back on top and help you to recreate your life in a positive way:
1) On waking in the morning.. Immediately give thanks for everything you do have
2) If you belong to a gym .. Make it a must to go or get out go for a walk and move your physical energy. Nothing worse than adding inertia to everything.
3) Find some positive mantras that will help you stay focused on all that is good and what you are deserving of. 4) Listen to only positive music.. No sad lost love songs or anything that will pull you down.
5) Surround yourself with all the up people and positive thinkers to help you stay focused on all that is good.
6) Meditate on how you want to see yourself always .. See yourself in perfect health/ in the perfect job/ surrounded by tons of whatever you want. All that you desire.
7) Before you fall asleep.. Give thanks for being able to stay in a positive state and once again give thanks for everything and everyone you have in your life.

Your circumstances may be out of your control…. Your thoughts are not! Empower yourself.. You Can do this.. Prove it to yourself.. After all, what do you have to loose? Your shadow/ the darkness and into the Light. Proving to yourself you have the ability to make change. Everything happens for a reason…   Adele Stratton

Buyer Beware

Yes, you’ll maybe want to watch the purchases you make for your Christmas shopping. Making sure there are warranties and such. However, you may also may want to watch how you choose your gifts to yourself…Yes, buyer beware…beware of who you decide to go to for your healings.
Are you new out there and just beginning to explore the world of alternative medicine? Then you must be very cautious. Just as you know there are people in every walk of life who maybe will slip you up, they exist in the healing world, too. How do you know that they are good at what they say they can do for you?
I would start by checking out their websites. Now they may have a splashy website but what you’re looking for is training. How much training have they had? Do they have a list of all their credentials? What exactly have they studied, with who and what institution? Have they taken a few weekend courses and are now practising or even teaching these classes? Buyer beware.
Then look for experience. How many years have they practicing and can they give a list of testimonials that can show you that they are the “real deal”.
Next…their personal story. What can they tell you that can convince you that they are just not blowing a lot of smoke your way or their EGO making them sound authentic.
Next..referrals. Ask around. Don’t be in a rush to make  an appointment. Take your time. Then as you’re taking your time, maybe your gut will lead you to the right person.
In my experience as a practitioner of 25 years of study I have come to know and see these wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. My training has been extensive and I never stop learning. Forever the student.
I have for most of my life never advertised…I have gone on referrals only. My practice is busy and successful. That alone speaks for itself. Integrity and Honesty. The best policies.
I hope these guidelines assist you on your journey so that your experiences in the healing world are all that you expect.
Wishing you Health, Happiness, Love and Peace:
Adele Uphasia Mary A.U.M.

What is Your True Purpose Here on Earth?

Have you ever wondered what your Purpose here on earth really is? I have asked this question to numerous people and I usually get the same answer ….I’m here to help other people.
You are here to help yourself!! You are here to discover who you really are. You may assist a few people along the way by sharing your experiences however, this is NOT your main purpose as to why you are here upon the earth.
You have come to the greatest school within the Universe. You are here to challenge yourself to heal old wounds, belief systems and issues from previous lives. You keep returning until you get it right. You keep recycling until the healing of those issues are done and you don’t come back again.
So whenever I hear people say they are here to help heal others, I know that they are not clear as to their greatest purpose. When we have fully healed ourselves and KNOW who we really are, this is when we stop returning to the earth. This is when we ascend and play another roll within the Universe…possibly a guide, or an Ascended Master. But until then, if you are here, you’re still working on your own stuff!!! When you have finished or accomplished what you came to accomplish in THIS lifetime you will ascend…or pass over. However, this does not mean you are finished.  You may have healed the Jealousy issue you came to heal, but what about the anger issues??? Or the Envy issues……the list goes on.
So before you decide that your journey is done, and your main purpose is to heal others, reflect on that a little and check in with your EGO.  You may be surprised what shows up next.

Crystals to Heal Past Lives

These Crystals can help you recall and heal Past Lives. You can wear them or sleep with them.



Carnelian: Helps us to Tune into our Past Life Physical bodies.



Lapis Lazuli: As it activates our third eye, it can help us to tap into old wounds and pain from the past.



Turquoise: Can help us speak our Truth from across the generations and connect us naturally to our past lifetimes.



Clear quartz: These amazing stones can help us recognize the importance of past life therapy as it taps into our auras on a deeper level.



Amethyst: Helps to bridge this Physical world to the Spiritual world and inspires us to reach for Higher Levels of Healing.



Hematite: Helps us to reach those states of lightness during a regression session.



Jade: This stone helps us to be able to acknowledge the inevitable threads that weave in and out of our past and present lives. And to connect with the groundedness and abundance of all that is.

These stones naturally awaken and connect us to our past lives. They are powerful conductors which are connected to the Earth and to the Spirit World. They also assist in unlocking their own memories in how they connect with our memories.

Adele Uphasia Mary

Walking the Walk ….

When I am teaching classes, students will often hear me say “The best teacher is the one who practises what she preaches”. I am a real stickler for Walking the Walk.
And it’s when I have an affirmation from someone, is when I know how important this really is.
Just recently, I had a client come in who was having a very challenging time in opening up her heart. She could feel this restriction within herself and it was causing her much distress on all levels.
She shared with me that she had had a coaching session  and the coach asked her what she felt she really needed. She told the coach that she felt that she really needed someone to hold her and to tell her everything would be OK. When the coach asked her if there was anyone in her life that she could request this of, she said she thought about it and then she said “YES”. “Adele” It has to be “Adele”!!!
WOW!!! I felt so honoured!! That out of all the family, friends, co-workers and teachers, she chose me! This spoke volumes to me. That this indeed proved how “walking the Walk” is what it’s all about. That taking the time to heal and Love myself, made this person feel so safe that she could ask for this great gift of Love from me and knew that she could allow herself to be vulnerable enough that she could trust me with her greatest fears. At the end of the session, I opened myself up as much as humanly possible and allowed the Divine to flow through me to her. Holding her until I felt that she was saturated with Divine love and reassuring her that everything would be OK:) When Walking the walk, your work and life can be so rewarding on so many levels. I AM in Appreciation:) Namaste

The Cetacea Calling

It’s not unusual for me to be awoken in the middle of the night around 3 a.m. I have pretty much been in this pattern for 13 yrs. now. It’s when I usually get a”calling” from Spirit to either do some work on someone who needs my help, meditate or work with the energy. So when I woke up this particular night, I just laid there wondering what was going to come? Was I going back to sleep, read or “other”?
Turned out to be “other”. I relaxed on my Left side and then heard, cup your hands together. As soon as I heard this, I knew I was being called to meditate. So, when I saw the Star of David appear on all my fingers, and then the Star appeared in between my hands, It was quick to happen. But totally not what I expected..(but I don’t really expect anything anyway, it’s always different). Suddenly, as I felt the Light growing in my hands, I Heard the call. I heard and was so surprised to hear the call of the Whales!! It got louder and louder and I suddenly became aware of the Crystal Star of David in my healing room which was growing so quickly to become as big as the room itself. I felt the energy of the whales and was able to identify them as killer whales. I found myself riding on the back of one and feeling somewhat frightened and yet at the same time, knowing that I would not be here if They hadn’t called me. As the whale jumped and spun and dove, I could feel the OMG happening inside of me. As we dove down into the sea, I remember thinking, I can’t breath and then suddenly feeling gills and laughing because of course!!!!! If I was going to be riding a whale…spirit would give me gills!!! The experience of swimming with the whales was…well now…how can I possibly describe this as anything but Mind Blowing!!!!
I continued to experience this for sometime until I heard ” rest now…integrate…be at Peace.”
Upon awaking, with a smile on my face, I brought to mind what the Whale stood for. The Akashic Records. Akasha is a Sanskrit meaning for “Sky, Space or Ether.” Collectively to be understood as mystical knowledge held within the Ethers. It’s also known as the “Book of Life”. Or a Memory Storehouse. The Akashic records contain the entire history of every soul since the beginning of time. They are a portion of Divine Mind.
As I only want to share the experience and what it held for me, I won’t go into greater detail at this point about the Akashic records. But it definitely was an experience I was meant to have. The reason for it would unfold as time passed. Although, when I had a friend of mine come in the next day for a session, I immediately heard her laughing in another dimension. I knew I was meant to read some part of her Book of Life to give her a better understanding of her Journey.
And for myself??? It’s all unfolding!!!:) next up…..”Everything happens fora reason”! In Lak esh

Integrating New Information

That Sat. was an interesting turn of events. I had toned all XX1V tones and then went about my day.
Later in the afternoon, I began to sneeze. Now, I’ve had enough experience in the healing world, that I know when I start to repeatedly sneeze, it’s my Central Nervous System trying to adjust to new information.
By dinnertime, I became very congested and my nose started running like a tap. This kept up and went on through the night. I was constantly blowing my nose and sneezing. I knew it wasn’t a cold, as I have all the filters for influenza and they weren’t testing. Then on the Sunday night my throat became sore and I was rubbing heat rub on my neck and throat all the while sneezing and blowing my nose!!!
By Monday the runny nose was letting up but now it was turning into a cough. Well, I had no idea I was still carrying all THAT in my chest(will stay clear of the gory details). This continued pretty much to the end of the  week and then I started to feel pain in my heart.
It was here that even though I understood that I was processing,….. Imagine having the knowing that you are One with the Creator but then having to actually integrate that vastness into your physical heart!!!!! Was it more than I could handle??? The pain was such, that I worried it would be too much and I may actually have some kind of damage done to it. But I tried to remain quiet and calm and get lots of rest.
And it is from here today that I recognize the witness within me. I’ve been in witness for many years now, but not to this depth. There has been and continues a great shift within me. Everyday, I feel more alive….more AWAKE to the Truth. The truth I have known for many years but now I can really begin to proclaim the One within me. The “I AM” I AM Uphasia” Euphoric Being Of the Knowing Light”
Today, I was inspired to write this latest growth in me as it was in the middle of last night that I had another magnificent experience. I will write this tomorrow, as being on the computer this long is long enough for one day:)
However, I can give you a hint…..Cetacea :):):)

Pineal Toning with the Lemurian Choir

The next weekend that followed was where I was affirmed the purpose of the meditation the weekend before.
When coming across the announcement for the Lemurian Choir to be held in Toronto, I was very excited to participate. When I arrived that first Saturday morning, I knew it was going to be powerful, but to the degree to which I felt it was astounding. There was an artist there who was interpreting the Tones. The tones were going from 1–XX1V.
As we began the first tone I was guided to hold my hands in the shape of a pyramid. After each Tone a picture would come up on the screen showing us what it looked like in the Universe. As these pictures began popping up on the screen, it was a little mind blowing, as they were all the interpretations of exactly what had I had witnessed in my meditation. !!!! As we continued to Tone over the weekend, I had a knowing that indeed I had all this information inside me and I was here to affirm that all I needed to do was follow my guidance and the information would come to me as I was ready for it:) The very last picture to come up for level XX1V was what I witnessed just before I came out of meditation. WOW…..How powerful is that?????
I came home with a different level of Knowing and was excited to see where this was going to lead now……..
I arrived home and at different times during the night or day I would see Metatrons cube floating around inside me. On the next Sat. I was guided to do Sing all the Tones at once. This is where the information of all I had experienced HIT me!!!! OUCH!!!!