Is it your responsibility to FIX someone?

Through the years of observing people, I have always found it fascinating the reasons why people choose to stay together in a relationship. It usually all goes back to the beginning of the relationship. When they fell in love. When everything was awesome and they had stars in their eyes. When they saw the best in the person and times were good. However, we need to remember that when we first meet someone we/they are on their best behaviour. That we are wearing a mask that covers our wounds and hurts and also we often are hoping that the other person will help to heal those. That all the pain is taken away when we are feeling so excited about how the other person makes us feel and for the time being we feel as though those pains have dissolved.
Then one day we notice that our new found love is feeling irritated. Maybe feeling angry or showing bouts of jealousy. You try to discuss it. Maybe they’re open to talking about it maybe not. But as time moves on, more and more of these negative demonstrations are happening on a regular basis. So you try a little harder to make peace, make change. It works for awhile but at the end of the day it seems that this is turning into a pattern. Wait a minute……have I been here before? Have I witnessed this pattern in another relationship? Was it another partner? A parent? But you definitely begin to see the other person in another light. What do you do? Try harder? And harder…..and harder????
Oh dear, this is all too familiar.
Have you fallen from the frying pan into the fire?
THIS is why we choose to work on ourselves before we jump into new relationship after leaving another. Chances are we will repeat the same mistakes as we have not taken the time to heal our past issues with ourselves. Therefore, we keep on falling into the same hole in the sidewalk until we have done our own work. And is it your responsibility to heal someone else? No. You actually do a person a disservice when you try to take it on yourself and do the work for them. No such thing. That’s called disempowerment. You will disempower them and disempower you. The best way to assist someone in their healing is to be the mentor and show them how its done. BE the change. If this person truly wants healing, they will follow by example. If not, its time to move on to a new level of BEING. When this has been experienced, you will be more careful of how or when you choose to get into relationship and honour the work you have done on yourself. It will also empower the other person to take responsibility to do their work.
At the end of the day, it is better for everyone involved. So, it’s not your responsibility to FIX someone else. You and you alone are responsible for your feelings. Leave others work up to them.

Live Each Day to the Fullest

Today I had the privilege of visiting a client of mine in hospital. She had had quite the journey and now her journey was coming to an end.

It all started with a blow up of the garburator in the condo. By the next day she was covered in boils from head to toe. They rushed her to the hospital and after finally diagnosing her with sepsis, the journey began. It went from bad to worse having to have chemo for the leukemia that developed to having her colon removed, a bone marrow transplant, a lung infection to the return of the cancer. All this in 6 months. She only got to go home for a few days in that whole time.

When I went to see her, she was sleeping and her husband and friends were there. She woke up and the first person she called out to was me. Amazing as I guessed she saw my Light.  It was a special time as her husband instructed everyone that they would leave the room while I had come to do something special with his wife. They all left and I pulled my chair beside her and held her hand. We chatted for a bit and had a couple of laughs…we used to laugh a lot when she would come for treatment.

Then I got the message I was to read her soul. I did. There was an Angel standing right beside her and was there to support her while the end drew near. Her Mother who had past years before came to her and said she would be waiting with open arms when she traveled to the other side. She had a big smile on her face. Many messages flowed in. But the best message of all, was that this beautiful soul was at peace with her passing! She understood that her contract was up and it was time to return home.

What I also loved about my visit was the number of people who came from near and far to visit her. It showed me how much this person had given to others  in her life and the impact she had on them. It made an impression on me. Nobody knew the work that this earthly angel had done. She never tooted her own horn. And now that she was going home, the people in her life are coming in droves to say Thank You and I Love You.

I had such a privilege and an awesome experience a to witness a soul preparing to go home with such Grace and Ease.

Life is for Living folks. You never know when your contract is up. So live your life the best to your ability. Be kind to one another and don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!! It’s just not worth it.

Namaste until next time

Adele Stratton