Unconditional Love and Mother Mary

I have been meditating for over 25 years now. My most intensive meditations have happened in the middle of the night. I have had many numerous experiences working with spirit guides and ascended masters. I have crossed the veil and seen things that I could never imagine. I have had directions from guides to clear away dark forces, heal people in the middle of the night and to hold space for others while they walk their path.

Being raised catholic, one of the benefits I gained through this was I developed a beautiful relationship with Mother Mary. She was and still is such a powerful force in my life. She would often appear to me and ask me why I continued to doubt myself? It was usually in cases where a person was very upset with me because I spoke the truth or I would hold my words back and not say anything at all. She would appear to me and say “Adele, when are you going to stop doubting yourself”?

However, this all changed when a friend of mine took me to see a healer that he was seeing and wanted me to come along. Why not? So, I went to this person’s house and she guided us up to the healing space. She began by ringing the singing bowls around our heads.

Then she took out an essence and sprayed it around us.

1: This is the essence of Grounding. To which I whispered to myself “I Am Grounded.”

2: This is the essence of the Archangels. To which I whispered to myself “I receive the Archangels”.

3: This is the essence of Mother Mary. To which I Tried to whisper ” I receive Mother Mary”, but before I could get the words out, she came through the wall behind me and came right into me!!!!!

She knocked me off my chair and my friend was stunned and the lady doing the healing started coughing so hard she had to leave the room. I was down on all fours and I said to her, ” It’s too strong, I can’t handle it!!” To which she replied, ” It isn’t too strong. If I thought you couldn’t handle it, this wouldn’t be happening. I wouldn’t be inside you now. So ground yourself and calm down.” I immediately started to do just that.

After I calmed down, my friend was looking like a deer in headlights and the healer was in awe of what just happened. Going home that night my friend and I talked about what had happened. He said he would so love to feel this experience, too. Asking me what I felt like, I answered that I was in total bliss. This lasted for weeks. When I spoke with Mother Mary and told her, “So this is what unconditional love feels like?” She responded,

” You have just tipped the iceberg.”

She is my greatest teacher and she has made me realize that this would never have happened if I wasn’t in a high enough vibration in order to receive and hold it. I am forever thankful for this experience and she continues to work with me daily. She has come through many mediums to tell me, “You are a Good person. Believe in your goodness. I am always with you.”

Thank you Mother Mary. I love youūüôŹ

Spread the Love with Rose Quartz

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about the stone most people would associate with it, the Rose Quartz. True to its name, the Rose Quartz is a lovely shade of pink and is just a very welcoming stone altogether. You’ll often see this stone in stores shaped like a heart. It couldn’t be more appropriate, as it really vibrates with your fifth chakra. The fifth chakra is your heart chakra and deals with all the emotional wounds that you carry. Let this stone circulate loving energy throughout your entire aura!

Rose quartz can help to strengthen a romantic relationship, but perhaps more importantly, this little gem can also inspire love of oneself! After all, how can you truly love another with abandon unless you first love YOU. This stone really projects a maternal energy and can be used to help energize the bond between a mother and her child, during pregnancy and after birth. I have had clients who place this stone on their bellies while pregnant. It can be a lovely sensation.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that this stone is great for your heart and circulation, but it is also good for your complexion. In fact, Egyptians once made rose quartz face masks a part of their beauty rituals! Use this stone on burns or blemishes and envision the lovely pink energy soothing your pores. Although it’s most commonly used for heart chakra healings, it can also balance the base chakra and gently stimulate the sex organs. Could this stone BE more appropriate for Valentine’s Day!? Place the crystal on your skin to get the most impact and cleanse it regularly by running it under cold water, repeating “Let all negative energy leave”.

So, grab that rose quartz and get ready for a VERY satisfying Valentine’s Day, whether you’re sharing your¬†love for you or for someone else. Namaste.

Time to BE the Meditation

I started meditating daily back in 1998. I took to it like a fish to water. Maybe because I also used to be an avid prayer. I would pray all the time, without fail, every day. So, meditation was my second nature. I would sometimes meditate morning and night. But after meditating for several months something happened to me…

I would be awakened in the middle of the night. It’s not like when you wake up because you have to go to the bathroom. It was this great presence that would flow into the room, it would wake me up with its power and I would hear “time to meditate.” So, I would sit up and get comfortable, light a candle and begin. I would ask Spirit,

“What sayeth you? ” Spirit would answer,

“Ground yourself.” I would proceed to ground myself until Spirit would tell me I was fully Grounded and then the journey would begin. I was taken away to different dimensions, met different masters and have all sorts of amazing experiences. They showed me the Light and the Dark. They taught me to levitate and cross over the veil. They also taught me how to raise my vibration and grow spiritually. I can’t even begin to tell all the stories but as I write these blogs, I can tell the stories a little at a time.

I had been meditating fervently for over one year. As I mentioned, Spirit would wake me every night and I would follow the instructions. But one morning I awoke at 7:30 am and realized that Spirit had not woke me up? I thought,

“This is unusual. Did they forget me last night?”. The next night I went to bed and again I slept right through the night. “Hey, what’s going on? Did I do something wrong?” The third night it happened again and now I was getting worried. On the fourth night I went to bed and in the middle of the night they came and woke me. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was. I said “It’s about time!” Anyways, I prepared myself to meditate and I asked, ” Spirit, what sayeth you?”

I heard, “Ask the question.”

To which I replied ” Ask the Question???? Weird. Okay, what’s the question?”

Spirit replied,”IS IT?” Now I thought this really strange cause I never heard Source ask a question starting with ‘IS IT?’

But I went ahead and asked “IS IT?” They then completed the sentence,

“Is it in my highest good to meditate.?” Alright now….this IS getting really strange. Okay…I’ll play along.

“Is it in my highest good to meditate?” And I heard loud and clear,

“No, It’s time to BE the Meditation.”

WOW!!!!!!!! Big shoes to fill. As a healer friend of mine said ” Glad it was you who got the message!” But as time went on I realized that Spirit wanted me to be the Observer. To watch my every thought and every move. After all, that’s what meditation is. To clear the mind. And so I began to BE the meditation and realized that they wanted me to be a conscience¬† co-creator. To be completely aware of everything that was happening in me and around me.

Today, I do teach a Manifestation meditation and Spirit is now teaching me to create the Sacred Geometry within. Once again this is raising my vibration and it is for a purpose. I don’t know what exactly Spirit has in store for me but I do know they keep telling me I am READY. So, Focus and Being mindful is a good practice and if you do these 2 things you will be a walking meditation.


Protect Yourself with Black Tourmaline

The holidays or any time families get together can be wonderful and nourishing to the soul! Unfortunately, sometimes this is not always the case. If you feel that when you go to family get togethers you need a little protection from negative energy that may be floating your way, try some black tourmaline! Not only is a strong grounding stone, it is also a powerful protector against those negative vibes!¬†Have you every heard the term ‘Energy Vampire’? This is also a fantastic stone that will work better than garlic! Use black tourmaline to protect you from these energy suckers and keep you in a positive mood!¬†If you need a stone to also encourage positive attitudes in any situation, make sure you’re packing this crystal.

The black tourmaline is found in several areas of the world and is also known as Schorl. There are several different hues of tourmaline and sometimes, a very dark blue can be mistaken for a black piece. It is the black, however, that is your best defense.

You can put black tourmaline in your bedroom, under your pillow, near your computer or anywhere else in the house. If you choose to wear the stone, it is better to wear it on the left side of your body due to the flow of energies in to the aura. Many people keep a piece of it in their pocket, but take care not to lose it!

If you are worried about the negative effects of electro-magnetic energy, black tourmaline will also work to clear that as well. This is why I recommend that you keep one near your computer and I recommend it in my healing practice when someone is affected by EMFs.

To cleanse black tourmaline, you can sage it or rinse it in fresh spring water with intention. Once it is cleansed, charge it in the sun. Generally, black tourmaline is a work-horse of a crystal and doesn’t need to be cleansed or charged too often. Keep your eyes open though and any time your tourmaline looks dull or calls to you, it’s time for a cleanse!

Enjoy the protection of this amazing stone!

The Power of Carnelian

One of the crystals I use semi-frequently in my practice is the Carnelian. It is common for crystal collectors and crystal healers to have Carnelian in their collection. Carnelian is actually a member of the quartz family, but more specifically a variety of Chalcedony. It often comes in an orange colour variety but can vary from a deep, rust coloured brown to a pale, pinky-orange. Most people associate Carnelian with the darker, orange colours, which is appropriate because it’s name comes from the Latin word for flesh!

Carnelian works quite powerfully on the first and second chakra areas. It balances the body’s energies, increases stability and is often used to stimulate the appetite…both digestively and sexually! Though if you are looking for a little help with the latter, I would definitely suggest a darker hue like orange or red. Orange crystals in particular are very potent for fertility and sensual endeavours. If some of the passion has been lost from your otherwise loving relationship, try a little carnelian in your life and reignite the spark!

As far as ‚Äėphysical ills‚Äô are concerned, Carnelian works to heal lower back issues, blood circulation issues, infertility problems, nutrient absorption issues and so much more! Women who experience painful menstrual cramps may find relief in the use of Carnelian just prior to and during menstruation. It is important to note for this, that Carnelian does much better work when in direct contact with the skin. Men can also make good use of Carnelian‚Äôs properties for bladder or prostate issues. Give it a try and see if it can help make those night time visits to the lou less frequent and more fruitful!

Since Carnelian helps to bring energy into those first two chakras, it can also be used to motivate people in the professional realm. This crystal helps to promote confidence and attract prosperity as well. The stabilizing effect Carnelian has on the root and sacral chakras has such a widespread influence throughout the body and when you’re working with a strong base, there’s so much you can accomplish. Can you see why this multi-talented stone is often included in the tool-box of many crystal practitioners!

Now that you have read a small sliver of the incredible benefits of Carnelian, how can you incorporate this stone into your life? Keep one at your bedside table and meditate with it at night or within reach at the first sign of menstrual cramps. Many people also enjoy making Carnelian water to ingest. Some stones are unsafe to do this with, but Carnelian water is an excellent way to make use of this stone in your every day life. Be sure however, to cleanse this stone regularly to prevent any build up of negative or stagnant energy. You can do this easily by rinsing it under cool, running water while repeating, ‚ÄúLet All Negative Energy Leave‚ÄĚ several times. Follow your intuition on when to stop. Then, place Carnelian in the sun or under a full moon. Either will do to charge this amazing stone. Enjoy your journey with Carnelian!

When Are You Going to Take Responsibility?

It appears that no matter what, people are always looking for a way out. A way to blame circumstances or people for the way they feel. I have addressed this subject before, however, I feel with all the goings on in the world we ought to review it again.

How many times have you said to yourself that the full moon is coming and therefore won’t be able to sleep? How often do you hear of energies in the world or around the planet are changing and therefore will make you feel unhinged, tethered, short tempered and just plane ol’ grumpy?

Seriously…if we are all going to be so sensitive and vulnerable to everything that is happening around us, why bother? We’re just going to go around grumbling that the energies are changing and they’re having an effect on us and therefore we’re just a mess?! Oh…it’s the planet’s fault, oh its Mars’ fault, oh there is something funky in the air. Blah blah blah blah!

Come on folks….are you really going to allow this to have an effect on you? Have you no control over your own life? Are going to go around a slithering mess and blame the planets and the Universe for it? Remember, we attract that what is in us! So if you’re just a grumpy ol’ mess not wanting to deal with what’s really going on inside you, go ahead. Blame the planets. Blame the ENERGIES!!!! But if you were really who you say you are or believe yourself to Be, then none of this will have an effect on you!

A very wise shaman once told me that if I was off kilter, it was my responsibility. NOT the Universes or some energy that was swinging its way around. NO…..Yours! So I learned how to be Grounded. Practice, practice, practice!!!!! Everyday, every night. Day in day out. Cause if I really believed I am co-creator then nothing is going to touch me. And if it does it’s because I attracted it. Plain and simple!

So folks…it’s time. Take charge! No more allowing beliefs that other energies have control of your lives. Take your power back! Be your OWN co-creator! Ground yourself daily and make stuff happen. Excel and don’t allow others to control your spiritual journey. Unless of course you’re going the easy route. Or is it really easy? Not when you’re feeling like crap!

Don’t know how to Ground? Download my Grounding CD on CD baby. “Grounding to new Heights”

If you haven’t already, watch my Bites of Light episode on the subject of taking responsibility.

I Am Who I Am

In the years that I have experienced life there is one thing I know for sure. I am who I am.

Reflecting back to my childhood there was always a little quirkiness about me. Always a little different, doing my own thing. I look back and have a good chuckle at some of the things I used to do as a child. I used to show up at school with a bag of costumes and announce that I was putting on a performance that day. I’m amazed that not one of my teachers ever said NO. I guess they found me pretty amusing. In fact, when I was in grade six, I got a call to go to the office. You can imagine how nervous I was as my classmates all called out “ooooooooohhhhhh…oh oh…Adele, what did you do?” Only to find my kindergarten teacher from the previous city we lived in had come to visit me!!!! She was so delighted to see me and asked if I was still as funny and putting on shows when I was in her class? I answered “YES” and she said “never stop being who you are Adele. You are such a delight”!

And so it continued. I guess I was just doing my own thing and bopping along living in my own world. I never gave a thought to try to fit in. Couldn’t be bothered. I loved to skate and would spend most of my time at the rink. I loved to read and sew and would spend most of my time being absorbed in the things that made me happy.

It sure has paid off. Cause my life has been my own creation all along. Sometimes I’m a dreamer, sometimes I’m the comedian, sometimes I’m the healer, the meditator , the creator, the intellect, the explorer, adventurer, dancer, friend, lover, Mom, Auntie. I am all these and so much more. So, I am who I am in the moment and it changes all the time. The thing is I have learned to love WHO I am in the present and go with it. Just loving my life and enjoying myself. Never taking myself too seriously. Laughing at myself and how completely crazy I can be. This Life is for Living. So…ease up. Relax and have fun. Be fine with who you are in the moment. And if you aren’t, change it! You have the ability to change your MIND at anytime. Try on something different. I can be classic one day and motorcycle chic the next. But I have learned to love all aspects of myself. The more I love all aspects the better my life is. So…be different or not!!! Who cares? Just be who you are.

Is it your responsibility to FIX someone?

Through the years of observing people, I have always found it fascinating the reasons why people choose to stay together in a relationship. It usually all goes back to the beginning of the relationship. When they fell in love. When everything was awesome and they had stars in their eyes. When they saw the best in the person and times were good. However, we need to remember that when we first meet someone we/they are on their best behaviour. That we are wearing a mask that covers our wounds and hurts and also we often are hoping that the other person will help to heal those. That all the pain is taken away when we are feeling so excited about how the other person makes us feel and for the time being we feel as though those pains have dissolved.
Then one day we notice that our new found love is feeling irritated. Maybe feeling angry or showing bouts of jealousy. You try to discuss it. Maybe they’re open to talking about it maybe not. But as time moves on, more and more of these negative demonstrations are happening on a regular basis. So you try a little harder to make peace, make change. It works for awhile but at the end of the day it seems that this is turning into a pattern. Wait a minute……have I been here before? Have I witnessed this pattern in another relationship? Was it another partner? A parent? But you definitely begin to see the other person in another light. What do you do? Try harder? And harder…..and harder????
Oh dear, this is all too familiar.
Have you fallen from the frying pan into the fire?
THIS is why we choose to work on ourselves before we jump into new relationship after leaving another. Chances are we will repeat the same mistakes as we have not taken the time to heal our past issues with ourselves. Therefore, we keep on falling into the same hole in the sidewalk until we have done our own work. And is it your responsibility to heal someone else? No. You actually do a person a disservice when you try to take it on yourself and do the work for them. No such thing. That’s called disempowerment. You will disempower them and disempower you. The best way to assist someone in their healing is to be the mentor and show them how its done. BE the change. If this person truly wants healing, they will follow by example. If not, its time to move on to a new level of BEING. When this has been experienced, you will be more careful of how or when you choose to get into relationship and honour the work you have done on yourself. It will also empower the other person to take responsibility to do their work.
At the end of the day, it is better for everyone involved. So, it’s not your responsibility to FIX someone else. You and you alone are responsible for your feelings. Leave others work up to them.

Live Each Day to the Fullest

Today I had the privilege of visiting a client of mine in hospital. She had had quite the journey and now her journey was coming to an end.

It all started with a blow up of the garburator in the condo. By the next day she was covered in boils from head to toe. They rushed her to the hospital and after finally diagnosing her with sepsis, the journey began. It went from bad to worse having to have chemo for the leukemia that developed to having her colon removed, a bone marrow transplant, a lung infection to the return of the cancer. All this in 6 months. She only got to go home for a few days in that whole time.

When I went to see her, she was sleeping and her husband and friends were there. She woke up and the first person she called out to was me. Amazing as I guessed she saw my Light.¬† It was a special time as her husband instructed everyone that they would leave the room while I had come to do something special with his wife. They all left and I pulled my chair beside her and held her hand. We chatted for a bit and had a couple of laughs…we used to laugh a lot when she would come for treatment.

Then I got the message I was to read her soul. I did. There was an Angel standing right beside her and was there to support her while the end drew near. Her Mother who had past years before came to her and said she would be waiting with open arms when she traveled to the other side. She had a big smile on her face. Many messages flowed in. But the best message of all, was that this beautiful soul was at peace with her passing! She understood that her contract was up and it was time to return home.

What I also loved about my visit was the number of people who came from near and far to visit her. It showed me how much this person had given to others  in her life and the impact she had on them. It made an impression on me. Nobody knew the work that this earthly angel had done. She never tooted her own horn. And now that she was going home, the people in her life are coming in droves to say Thank You and I Love You.

I had such a privilege and an awesome experience a to witness a soul preparing to go home with such Grace and Ease.

Life is for Living folks. You never know when your contract is up. So live your life the best to your ability. Be kind to one another and don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!! It’s just not worth it.

Namaste until next time

Adele Stratton