Adele Stratton

Integrational Manual Therapist, Spiritual Counsellor & Quantum Healer

adele strattonAdele’s awakening to spirituality occurred in the fall of 1998, working with challenges like, “Leaky gut Syndrome”, Cancer and then a ruptured thoracic duct. As the lymph was no longer running in its normal channels, it leaked out and her body started swelling. She gained over 100 lbs of water and began to drown in her own body fluid. Unable to walk for lack of breath, life from day to day was a challenge.

“I watched myself die a little everyday.”

Almost 2 yrs. later, Adele lay down to rest and saw herself lift out of her body. She knew she was dying. As she turned to tell Spirit she wasn’t ready to go, she had to complete and learn her lesson, she gave one last cry for help and her partner heard her and shook her back to Life. It was not long after this that she heard the words, “PAIN IS RESISTANCE”.  She realized then that she was the cause of her own pain! She surrendered.

Her Lymphatic system opened and she was healed. Now she looks back and is thankful for those experiences. It has made her into the Master she is today.

“I incorporate from the physical-structural to spiritual”; so if a person comes in with a back problem I can work on it structurally, plus I can give them so much more information into their pain if they are open.”

Today she is happy and healthy and more powerful than ever. She surrounds herself with nature and has a beautiful harmonious relationship with her children Adam and Amber.

“Never before have I been happier! Once I fully surrendered, everything shifted for the better. I can honestly say, self love is the key to all healing.”